10 Bizarre But Effective Hacks That Will Make Your Home and Car Smell Great


How to Make Your Room or Car Smell Great

For those of you that have a sensitive sense of smell, you are probably more disgusted with bad odor than others. Typically, you like to keep your rooms or car clean with a nice fresh smell. This will help you keep your environment joyful and less stressful. There are different ways to keep a room or car smell great without using any toxic products. Here are some natural ways to accomplish this:

  • Add scented wax cubes in a jar – get a mason jar and poke some holes on the lid. Add a few scented wax cubes in the jar with a close lid and leave it. After the car heats up, the wax will melt inside the jar, releasing an amazing scent.
  • Rice and essential oils – take your favorite essential oil and add a few drops to a bit of dry rice. After, place the rice in a jar with holes on the lid. Leave the jar in the car and whenever the scent fades, shake it up.
  • A bowl of vinegar – fill up a bowl with vinegar and place it on the counter or a corner in your house. This will help remove bad odor. Make sure you remove the vinegar after a few hours.
  • Hanging a branch of Eucalyptus – add a branch of Eucalyptus to the shower. Along with the steam from the shower, the Eucalyptus will release essential oils producing an amazing smell. Make sure you place it away from running water to last longer.
  • Coffee air freshener – add some fresh coffee grounds in an old sock. Tie up the sock in a knot and place it somewhere in the car.
  • Unlit Candle – place an unlit candle in the cup holder of your car. As the car heats up, the candle wax will melt and release its scent.
  • Scented clothespin – add some essential oil to a clothespin and place it to an air conditioning vent. When you turn the air conditioning on, the scent will be released.
  • Homemade air freshener – make your own air freshener using salt, water, unflavored gelatin, and essential oils.
  • Add newspaper in the garbage can – stuff some old newspaper sheets at the bottom of the can. It will help soak up the smell and catch any spills from the garbage. When you take out the trash, toss the sheets and add new ones.
  • Boil orange/apple peels, cinnamon, and cloves – take some cinnamon sticks, orange and apple peels, and whole cloves and add them to a saucepan. Fill the saucepan with water and bring it to a boil. As the water evaporates, you can add more if you want more of the amazing scent.

The Psychology Behind Smell

Once we inhale some sort of smell with our nose, it goes to our brain which tells us what kind of smell it is. Compared to our other senses, the sense of smell is largely connected with our memory. For example, the smell of a lake or sea might reminisce about some amazing memories you’ve had as a child when your parents took you for vacation. This occurs spontaneously, triggering, and recalling an old event or experience you might have forgotten.

Aside from it linking to our memory, the sense of smell can bring all kinds of emotions. This is why the perfume industry develops perfumes that look to send large quantities of emotions such as the energy to relax or the want for power. Additionally, research has shown that the body odor that we produce is extremely important for the attraction of two people. Many scientists claim that kissing has been a development from the past where people sniffed each other to see if they match. During kissing, we smell and taste the partner, deciding if they match.

Also, fresh and positive smells can always brighten your mood compared to horrific smells. If you find your room smelling like old socks or sweat, it will probably make you feel worse about yourself. Compared to bad smells, when you go into your room and it smells wonderful, your emotions are sure to be more positive.

Sources: www.fifthsense.org.uk

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