10 Days to Improve the Health of Your Children

You Can Make Huge Changes for Only 10 Days

Many parents, facing with the sugar problems with their children think that it’s too late to change anything, or are scared to start making changes because they believe that it will a big dramatic do-over to see the results.

However, a new research has found that they shouldn’t be concerned because all they or their children need is a 10-day treatment.

Here are the facts of the recent study:

– Involved – the group of 43 children

– Went from 25% dietary sugar to 10% in 10 days

– The calorie intake was kept the same

– The results were impressive:

o   33 points reduction in triglycerides,

o   5 points reduction in bad cholesterol,

o   Normalized insulin and blood sugar,

o   Reduced risk of diabetes

Those results can reassure you that a significant change can occur in just 10 days. As it seems to be possible, you should know how you can implement changes in your own home, in order to get similar results.

Below are presented 6 ways how to improve the health of your children (or you can do it for yourself, too) in just 10 days.

1) Cut Sugar to 10% of Your Calories

This step is most important in that process. The statistics show that the average American consumes more than the recommended daily amount (RDA) of sugar. The FDA recommendation for the children is 25 grams of sugar a day, while according to the World Health Organization (WHO) it is 10% of their total energy intake, but says lower is better. By lowering the intake of sugar your children consume they’ll be healthier overall.

Consumption of sugar will cause faster aging, shortens our lifespans, damages the liver, promotes cancer, and decreases cognitive health. Having that in mind it’s not something that parents want to their kids, so they should be thinking about consuming the sugar in a limited amount.

2) Swap Fructose for Fruit

The fructose can be consumed from sugary drinks and sweets and from the fruits, which has totally different effects. The majority of Americans get fructose from the high fructose corn syrup.

However, if you practice giving your children fresh fruit as an alternative, you’re on the right way to help them to lower their added sugar intake, and that will also eliminating a harmful fructose.

Why is this fructose bad?

The process of metabolizing the fructose in the body isn’t the same as it is with the glucose. It sends the different message to the body, too. Fructose does not suppress ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite, which leads to a continued feeling of hunger, and sweet craving. That is exactly what scientists are calling – a proven cycle of obesity.

3) Avoid Foods that Have Commercials

When you are looking for a healthy food you should look at its commercial, too. In general, commercial foods are made to make money, not to improve the consumer’s health.

For that reason, junk food marketing to kids is a huge industry, and it challenges parents who are trying to make the right decisions for them. The food industry spends billions of dollars on marketing food to children each year.

By avoiding the propaganda, and opting for whole foods and foods without all the added sugar you’ll successfully get the healthier option.

4) No Soda or Sugary Drinks

You should consider that one soda contains the daily recommended amount of sugar. But, that is not the only bad things that you get from soda, because it can also cause bad behavior, weak bones, and some other different diseases.

The sugary drinks are defined as drinks without calories, which can live you unsatisfied and crave more. The calorie-free option drinks are not any better, as you may experience a high toxicity, it will make you fatter, and it’s essentially killing you.

5) Avoid Juice

Comparing with a soda, the juice is a better option, but it’s still loaded with sugar.

When you have a possibility opt for a fresh fruit, as it is a much better choice. The fiber from a piece of fruit has the ability to slow the absorption of sugar, thus reducing the blood sugar spike that can come from drinking juice.

For example, a glass of orange juice is equivalent to two oranges when it comes to calories, but you’ll be feeling less full than if you ate an orange.

6) Skip the Cereal

The similar as with the juices goes for the cereal. Kid’s cereals are made of the essential vitamin-fortified sugar that contains 40% more sugar than adult cereals.

By following these changes and monitoring the amount of sugar in your family’s diet, you can find this way proper for your children and you, too and improve your overall health in a short period of time.




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