10 Easy Exercises Celebrity Trainers Say Everyone Should Know How to Do at Home


Trainers spend hours a day helping others achieve their fitness goals. Think about it: trainers know all exercise opportunities, so there is a reason why those exercises who they really choose to exercise in their spare time need to stand out. These are the no-equipment exercises that top coaches swear for their clients and themselves. Whether you are looking for aerobic exercise or want to exercise your legs, hips, abs, arms or all of the above, this are exercises for everyone.


Balance is an important part of a complete exercise. Lunges do just that, promote functional movement and increase the strength of the legs and buttocks.


Because of the amount of muscle involved, push-ups are one of the simplest but most effective weight exercises you can do.


Squat can increase the lower body and core strength, as well as the flexibility of the lower back and buttocks. Because they use some of the body’s largest muscles, they also have a huge impact on calorie consumption.

Overhead dumbbell press

Complex exercises involving multiple joints and muscles are very suitable for busy bees because they exercise multiple parts of the body at the same time. This also applies to the upper back and torso.

Dumbbell rows

Not only makes your back look spectacular in that dress, but it is another challenging exercise that can strengthen many muscles of the upper body. Choose medium- weight dumbbells and make sure to press them at the top of the exercise.

Single-leg deadlift

Another exercise to challenge your balance. Stability it’s the key. Take a light to medium sized dumbbell to complete this exercise.


Burpee is an exercise we hate and love at the same time. It’s also a super effective full-body exercise that can pay off your investment in cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength.

Side planks

A healthy body needs a strong core, so don’t ignore specific body movements such as side planks. Focus on brain-muscle connections and controlled movement to ensure that you perform the movement effectively.


Plank is an effective way to exercise the abdominal muscles and the entire body. The plank stabilizes your upper body without putting any pressure on your back like squats or crunches.

Glute Bridge

Glute Bridge effectively acts on the entire back chain, which is not only good for you, but also makes your hips more elastic.

Spice it up

These basic exercises are good for your body, but there is always room for better work out. If you find that you are moving fast and you barely sweat, focus on progressive overload training and make each movement more difficult: add 5 more reps or add some weight. Is there any other way to change this situation? Yes, by completing each action within a certain period of time, instead of repetitions.




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