10 Fantastic Car Cleaning Hacks


Carefully cleaned car is the goal of every owner, but this feat can rarely be achieved in a local automatic car wash. Sometimes, even DIY cleaning spaces can do more harm than good, due to brushes that collect debris that can scratch vehicle surfaces.

The DIY approach can be the right way to safely clean your car without damaging the paint, but it should be done by following these 12 simple steps:

  • Evaluate the Condition of Your Vehicle
  • Read the Labels of the Cleaning Products
  • Use the Three-Bucket System – one bucket filled with clean soapy water, the second bucket with just water and the third bucket should include a mix of cleaning product and water that’s only used for your wheels
  • Wash the Wheels
  • Wash Those Headlights
  • Washing the Body of the Car
  • Wash the Windows
  • Prepare the Surface
  • Repair Scratches
  • Polishing for Extra Gloss
  • Wax to Protect
  • Maintain a Shine and Protection

However, using the various car-cleaning products might be dangerous, because of the nasty chemicals contained in them. The best way is to clean the car naturally, with the most of the stuff lying around your house, such as:

  1. Natural carpet cleaner

All dark and dirty stains on car upholstery and carpets can be solved in this natural way:

  • Mix white vinegar and baking soda to create a paste,
  • Apply to the problem area with a toothbrush
  • Allow drying completely,
  • Vacuum the rest of the dry material and the car will look brand new!
  1. Clean gunk from dirty car seat

Before you spend money on new expensive upholstery to replace those with stains, do so using a mixture of 1 cup of club soda, 1 cup of vinegar, and 1/2 cup of dish soap.

  1. Clean the dusty air vents and other dusty surfaces

Clean the vents and all around the knobs with a foam brush.

  1. Foggy car lights

Foggy headlights in winter can be solved with the use of toothpaste and this will not happen again.

  1. Squeegee and spray bottle of water to remove pet hair

Instead of vacuuming the seat, lightly moisten the seat with the spray bottle and then use a squeegee, as you use it in the shower, pulling it along the seat and all the pet’s hair coming out exactly to the surface.

  1. All-natural car freshener

Replace poisonous car fresheners with a mixture of baking soda and essential oil, to remove odors from your car and leave it fresh. This can be done by placing it in a cup holder or on the floor, in a place where it will be safe and you can drive the car freely.

  1. Streak-free windows

The stripes inside and outside the car windshield can be solved using the top step-by-step guide

  1. Shiny chrome wheels

Spray the chrome with a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar with a spray bottle. Spray the mixture all over the chrome, then wipe for super-shiny wheels.

  1. All-natural wheel cleaner

Coat the wheels with a mixture of baking soda and water, then rinse it for rims that look like new.

  1. Good old organic car wash

Instead of car cleaner with chemicals, use natural liquid soap, made from vegetable oils – and mix it with a little water.

Tips for Coronavirus Safety

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends alcoholic solutions that contain at least 70 percent alcohol to kill the coronavirus. This also applies to any interior surface of your car, which can be cleaned with alcohol-based isopropyl cleaners, which you already use at home.

The focus should be on disinfecting these hot spots of the vehicle: steering wheel, door handles, gear lever, window and steering wheel switches, wiper and turn signal levers, door armrests, limiter handles, and seat adjustment.

Additional tips:

  • Avoid using ammonia-containing products, as this can remove anti-glare and fingerprint coatings.
  • The skin in the car should be gently wiped with a microfiber cloth, as rubbing too hard could start to remove the color from the skin.
  • Do not wipe fabric upholstery with a large amount of water as this could create a damp odor or encourage the growth of mold on the pillows.
  • As a preventative measure against coronavirus, Consumer Reports suggests that you always try to drive with clean hands.


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