10 Little-Known Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothes Right Away


With the advancement of technology and the desire to make more profit today, many manufacturers are attracting the attention of customers by copying designer clothes and accessories. Earlier, replicas of products were easily recognizable, but the current ones are of high quality that it is almost impossible to distinguish them from the original.

Here we offer you tips on how to check certain well-known designer clothes, to be sure of their quality.

  1. Timberland boots

Idk if anyone has experienced this because personally it’s really weird but my timbs everytime I wear them they get this wet spot near the bottom left of the shoe. Any ideas why this happens from Timberland


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They are recognizable by their slightly transparent caramel color. The company logo and name are printed on the sole, and the line between the heel and the sole should be straight and almost invisible.

The printed logo, on the outside of the heel of the shoe, should have a uniform, clear, and strictly upright lines.

The eyelets on the boots are recognizable by the hexagon, which is neatly placed on the outside of the boot, and there are 7 on the male models and 6 on the female models.

Stitches on the boots should be white and those close to each other should be absolutely parallel.

  1. Pandora bracelets

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The original silver bracelets have a slightly faded color and should not be too light or shiny like replicas. The use of oxidation techniques for Pandora’s products gives them a unique color.

The new Pandora bracelets are almost non-luminous and perfectly retain their shape, and the weave on them is clearly visible. Pay attention to the size of the clasp which should be almost equal to the size of the charms. The engraving that says “Pandora” is on the front of the clasp, and the crown should be above the “O.”

Inside the clasp, you will find a special fixator whose appearance is in the shape of a clover and consists of a small screw with 4 heads. Its main goal is to securely fasten the bracelet to the wrist. Inside the clasp has a factory seal and a mark indicating the purity of the silver.

  1. Levi’s jeans


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Levi’s jeans- $6.50 at Goodwill from ThriftStoreHauls

The denim for the original Levi’s jeans has a visible diagonal pattern that looks the same on both sides (front and back).

The back pockets have a pattern of 2 lines resembling an eagle’s beak.

On the back of the belt above the right pocket, Levi’s jeans have a soft leather part. The patch has a Levi logo and brand where the size of the jeans and the model number is labeled supplemented with a picture of a drover trying to tear the jeans.

The red color is characteristic of Levi’s small tab on the back-right pocket of the jeans, but depending on the model it can be a different color as well. The card bears the brand name and sometimes the registration mark: ®.

“Levi Strauss,” is imprinted on the front of the buttons, and a number is imprinted on the back. On the outside of the rivet is the brand name, and on the inside is the model number.

  1. Lacoste polo shirts

$8 Lacoste Polo from DhGateReps


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The Lacoste crocodile is very detailed, with conspicuous eyes, teeth, red jaws, and feet. The body color of the crocodile is light green and the tail is placed parallel to the back.

Inside the shirt on the back of the polo collar, there is a white label with a logo and a red number indicating the size. There should be 2 size numbers on the female models, and the size is marked with one number on the male models.

Other little details that can reveal a fake Lacoste polo

  • The manufacturer uses mother-of-pearl 2-hole buttons without any inscriptions, which is not the case with replica manufacturers using 4-hole buttons.
  • At the bottom of men’s polo shirts there are small cuts approximately 0.4 centimeters deep.
  • Female models do not have any cuts.
  1. Guess watches

Got this older Guess watch for $2.99 at a goodwill today . from ThriftStoreHauls

Guess watch straps are made of metal, silicone, or genuine leather and do not change color easily, they do not have cracks or scratches, which are signs of fake products.

The back cover of the watch contains basic product information, such as the logo with the brand name, the material of the watch. There is also information about the clock mechanism engraved with Japan Mov, which is characteristic of Guess.

  1. New Balance sneakers

Lace swapped 990v4. Looks fresher IMO! from Newbalance

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The brand name printed on New Balance sneakers can be found on the back, on the side, on the tongue, on the soles themselves, on the side of the soles, and on the insole. An N-shaped logo is made on the side of the sneakers, which is in the shape of a patch.

The soft sole on the sneakers is made of foam material that you can press easily, but quickly returns to its original state, and the part that protects the foot is made of rubber.

The logo, size number, and model information are perforated on the insoles of the original New Balance sneakers.

  1. Michael Kors handbags

Michael Kors Bag Purse from DhGateReps


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The basic information about this brand of product is written in cream color. Here you can see the size of the bag, the number of items, the color, the material, the prices in dollars, and especially the bar code.

The accessories on the original bags have an engraving with the brand name, and this engraving is applied to the rings of the handles and magnetic clasps.

The material for making the bags does not deform, even when the bag is packed.

  1. Supreme sweatshirts

I was thinking about copping this later, you guys think it’s worth it? from Supreme


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The country of origin of this product is Canada and there are 2 dark red stickers on the neck and body of the sweatshirt. On the inner label, there are instructions for washing and care, as well as a recommendation not to iron the product, which often cannot be found on replicas.

The tracksuits have an embroidered logo with a neat arrangement of letters on a red background, and the distance between the letters is equal. A thin mesh of white threads is placed on the inside of the sweatshirt on the back of the logo.

If the ties at the ends are not properly tied or are with metal ends it is a sign that they are a fake product.

  1. Burberry scarfs

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Clear lines and dense texture of the scarfs are recognizable for the original product, while the edges are tightly curled and divided among themselves. When touching the ends, they should not unravel.

The name of the brand is written in capital letters on the label, and there is also information about the country of origin and the materials from which the scarf is made.

  1. Ray-Ban sunglasses

Hope all of you have had a successful day! Found some B&L Ray-Bans yesterday! from Thrift


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Ray-Ban glasses are made of solid plastic and have neat lines on a metal frame, which are almost invisible.

The original glasses are made of real glass lenses and a list of models with plastic lenses can be found on the company’s official website.

The Ray-Ban logo is located in the upper right corner of the right lens and is engraved on the surface of the lens and cannot be erased.

The left temple usually has the serial number of the product, and the right has the country of origin engraved.

5 Ways of Preventing the Work from Being Copied

For anyone interested in protecting their products we offer the following pre-emptive rules:

1)         Watermark the work

Create a watermark, which should have its merits and there is a reason why stock libraries post their samples.

2)         Show off

Plagiarism is best prevented when information is available to the wider community, so it’s important to post new work on your site as soon as possible, post it on featured blogs, and link your work to social media.

3)         Retain proof

Authors need to organize their project files and keep any correspondence or other proof of the date of creation.

4)         Register your work

In the US you can register your work officially for a $5 fee at www.copyright.gov/eco, while in the UK various services such as copyright.co.uk and copyrightservice.co.uk for around £40.

5)         Explain the terms

Make clear that others can buy a license to use and reproduce the work.


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