10 Moves Can Help You Tone Inner Thighs at Home


The well-defined leg is a dream of most of the ladies. Some of them have them naturally, but thy need to keep them in that shape, while some need to work hard to define their leg muscles. For burning the fat stored in the legs the most important thing is to find a proper workout that exactly targets your leg muscles.

Exercising regularly is the first precondition to strengthen all muscles that support the inner thighs. The experts advise using resistance during your training routine and additionally, alternate between exercises and interval running.

The workout that we would like to offer is aimed at making your legs strong and beautiful. Working hard will produce remarkable results in no time, so try to work as many moves as possible!

In this workout, you’ll have eight easy moves and the suggestion is to do two sets consisting of ten reps per each exercise. For best results perform your training routine regularly and balance your diet with nutrients and vitamins.

This workout can be done at home, but it requires some equipment, such as gliders, a mat, a dumbbell, and a resistance band.

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Side lunge and press

Starting position – Standing straight with your feet hip-width apart and hold a dumbbell in each hand.


–           Begin by stepping out to the side with your left leg, lunge and extend your arms down.

–           Using your right foot, push your back to the starting position, and while squeeze the biceps lift the dumbbells

–           Repeat the movements on another side

–           Alternate legs until the set is complete.

  1. Lower Leg Lift

Starting position – Lying on your side, lengthening your bottom leg, and crossing the top leg over it.


–           Resting your top foot either in front or behind the bottom leg, prop your head up with your hand, or rest it on your arm.

–           Lift your top leg, then lower it back down to hover just above the floor, without touching it

–           Repeat as many reps as you can, keeping your torso still and pull in your abs to support your back.

–           Repeat on another side

  1. Plié Pulses

Starting position – Standing position with your feet out a little wider than hip-distance and hips slightly externally rotated. Hold the exercise stick in front of you with both hands.


–           Keeping your spine upright, bend your knees outward so they align over your ankles and don’t roll in, holding a stick in front of you

–           From your plié position, while you’re pulling your core in, begin to pulse down and up without coming to standing.

  1. Leg lift tap

Starting position – Standing straight with your feet hip-width apart and hold onto a wall


–           The leg next to the wall is stationary. Slowly swing the opposite leg forward and backward in a single smooth movement.

–           Switching sides, repeat until set is complete


Starting position – Lying on your stomach with your legs fully extended and hands under your chin


–           Begin by raising your legs a few inches off the floor

–           Beat your heels together until the set is complete

  1. Leg abduction with band

Starting position – Lying on the mat with a resistance band around both legs


–           Start by raising the legs toward the ceiling

–           Lifting your shoulders, open the legs and chop your hands through your legs

–           Lowering your torso, close the legs and return to the starting position

–           Repeat until the set is complete

  1. Frog lift

Starting position – Lying on your stomach, keeping a sports ball between the heels


–           Bend your arms and knees, and by pressing the soles of your feet together, let your thighs fall open.

–           Squeezing the glutes, lift the hips off the mat and pause for 1 second.

–           Lowering your hips come to a starting position

–           Repeat the movements until the set is complete


Starting position – Start in a push-up position (on your elbows) with your feet together.


–           Hop your feet as far as you can

–           Land softly on your toes

–           Jump again to bring your feet back together

–           Repeat the movements until completing the set

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