10 Reasons Why You Should Never Dump Pickle Juice Down the Drain


For centuries, people have been consuming pickles, as they are considered to be a healthy and delicious treat. You can use pickles in sandwiches, with a cheese platter, or eat whenever you feel like you want their sour and juicy taste. Even Cleopatra claimed that pickle juice helped maintain her beauty. Have you ever thought of including pickle juice in your diet or that you could use it as a healthy fix? Believe it or not, pickle juice is actually great for your health and it has a ton of uses.

You usually discard the juice whet all the pickles are eaten. But, it is time to stop throwing the juice out and leave the jar in the fridge. It can be a solution for stomach problems or you can help a houseplant when it requires reviving.

Pickle Juice – What Does It Consist Of?

Pickle juice is an incredible source of antioxidants, electrolytes, and nutrients, as it is mostly a brine solution. Basically, the juice is made out of salt, water, and sometimes vinegar, and it is nutrient and vitamin-rich only when it is made from fermented pickles.

When cucumbers ferment, they release lactobacillus bacteria, which cover vegetable’s skin. Cucumbers become pickles after a few weeks of curing and are ready to eat.

For example, 3.5 oz of pickle juice contains:

  • Calcium
  • Carbohydrates
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium

However, have in mind that manufacturers can sometimes add vinegar in the pickles’ jar, as they usually remove the beneficial probiotic bacteria.

10 Benefits From Consuming Pickle Juice

  1. Use it to store more veggies

After you’ve eaten the pickles, you can use the juice to store more vegetables, such as carrots, cauliflowers, eggs, or garlic. It is great and healthy to add other foods on your table, isn’t it?

  1. Lessen stomach problems

If you have an upset stomach, remember that vinegar is great for your guts. Pickle juice is a great source of vinegar and will help you relieve the problem. For example, when the stomach doesn’t have enough normal acid, it can cause acid reflux as an answer. The vinegar in the pickle juice helps in introducing more acetic acid which is effective in fighting some microbes and bacteria into the digestive tract. The stomach acidity will be restored by consuming the juice and you will have healthy guts.

However, if you have ulcer problems, do not try pickle juice as a remedy.

  1. Use pickle juice to tender steaks

Pickle juice can be used as a great meat tenderizer for pork, steak, chicken, and whatever you wish for. As it is so acidic, you can add pickle juice to your meat marinade and make it tastier and easier to cut.  Consider adding garlic, different herbs, and spices, thus experimenting with flavor.

  1. Pickle juice for relieving muscle pain

After drinking pickle juice, a dehydrated man claimed they had faster relief from muscle cramps. It is full of potassium and electrolytes that will relax and rehydrate your muscles, and the vinegar and calcium chloride will help your body to better absorb sodium and potassium.

Other research shows that some components of the pickle juice might trigger a reflex in the mouth that will send signals to the nerves to stop muscle cramping.

All you need to drink is 1/3 cup of pickle juice as a post-workout drink.

  1. Make a rye bread with pickle juice

The secret ingredient for tasty, moist rye bread is, believe it or not, pickle juice! Rye bread is highly recommended for a healthy diet, and you can use it as toasting or to make sandwiches.

  1. Restore the electrolytes in the body after a workout

While sweating during a workout, your body releases electrolytes and loses sodium and potassium. Pickle juice can help restore electrolytes in the body, therefore, making you feel hydrated and full of energy. That’s why many athletes tend to consume it in post-workout meals.

  1. Prevent hangover

Many of you experienced the feeling of nausea, heavy head, thirst, and oversensitivity to sound and light after a whole night of drinking. All of these symptoms come from overconsumption of alcohol and dehydration of your body.

The high levels of salt in pickle juice may encourage people to drink more water, and therefore, helping you mask the odor of alcohol-breath, and restore the electrolytes and sodium levels.

  1. Pickle juice saves your houseplants

Potassium is an essential element for the plant’s survival, so pickle juice will help them stay healthy and hydrated.

  1. Pickle juice cleans copper pans

Because of oxidation, copper pans turn green over time. To save your pans from oxidation, use the mixing of sodium and acid solution, or do not pour the leftover pickle juice and use it as a cleaning solution.

  1. Use pickle juice to soothe sunburn

You can apply the juice directly on the skin or soak a towel in pickle juice and apply it to the burned area. Vinegar is the main ingredient that helps many people worldwide suffering from damaged sunburned skin. It is even better if you use cold pickle juice as a remedy to soothe the sunburn.

Despite the taste that not all may enjoy, we can all agree on the fact that pickle juice is worth the health benefits. Next time you finish a jar of pickles, keep the juice to prevent all the complications above.





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