10 Stories That Made Us Fall in Love With Keanu Reeves All Over Again


One of the most famous actors in our generation is Keanu Reeves. He’s been trending for a while now for different reasons, with almost all of it being positive trending. Lately, he’s been going out with Alexandra Grant, a visual artist, and they are the most adorable couple in Hollywood.

Who is Keanu Reeves?

Keanu Reeves (middle name Charles) is born in Beirut, Lebanon on September 2, 1964. The meaning behind his name comes from Hawaii and translates to ‘cool breeze over the mountains’. His father was born in Hawaii even though he had Chinese, British, Portuguese, and Native Hawaiian ancestry. Compared to his father, Keanu’s mother was originally from England.

As a child and adolescent, and in some instances as an adult, Keanu had gone through a lot in his life. However, he managed to stay strong and positive through all of it and still wants to make the world a better place around him.

Keanu is most famous for being part of different blockbusters such as ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ to action movies like ‘The Matrix’, ‘John Wick’, and ‘Speed’. Before he became a great actor and one of the greatest in Hollywood, Keanu wanted to become an ice hockey player while he was living in Toronto.

Additionally, Keanu is going to be the face of the newest CD Project Red very anticipated game Cyberpunk 2077 expected to be released this November.

Lately, Keanu has been seen in many articles about how he’s impacted people around him with positivity. He is also a huge philanthropist, donating money to different charities and loves interacting with his fans.

Stories and Instances Proving Keanu’s Amazing Character

There are many stories people share about Keanu and most of them will warm your heart. Here are some characteristics and stories people have shared about him:

  1. His respect for women is otherworldly

When posing for photos with other women, Keanu respects their personal space by only putting his arm behind them and letting it hover. Lots of fans found this action sweet and called him a king of respect. Paying such attention to small details shows you just how good of a person Keanu is.

Other than respecting women’s personal space, he’s also a gentleman. Keanu was filmed on a subway train sitting down. After seeing a woman come in with a huge bag, he instantly offered his seat for the woman. This video went viral pretty quickly.

  1. Keanu is a generous person and a big philanthropist but never talks about it

Modesty is a great sign of being a down-to-earth good person. Keanu is nothing less of that. No matter how much money he’s donated to cancer foundations or children’s hospitals (many millions of dollars), he’s never shared it on any social media. Additionally, he’s been supporting different charities that help underprivileged children to get an improved life and also helps fund great causes like education, creative arts, fighting against childhood hunger, even animal and human rights.

Last month, he even auctioned off a 15-minute Zoom conversation and all of the money from the auction went to a children’s cancer charity organization called Camp Rainbow Gold.

  1. He keeps his cool during a crisis

Keanu took a flight from San Francisco to LA in December 2019. During this flight, the plane was required to make an emergency landing at Bakersfield airport in California because of a mechanical issue. Keanu took matters into his own hands and after the plane landed, people shared Instagram stories of him talking to staff members and giving help to the other passengers to reach their destinations free of charge. The passengers went with Keanu in a van where they were conversing and going to their destinations.

  1. Keanu loves interacting with his fans and appreciates them

During E3 2019, Keanu showed up on stage to present the new CD Project Red game ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ where he plays a major role. While he was presenting the game, one fan in the crowd yelled ‘You’re Breathtaking’ to Keanu. Keanu heard this and immediately replied to him: “You’re Breathtaking! You’re All Breathtaking!”

This became a very big meme throughout the internet and it just shows you how great Keanu is. While he was filming the third ‘Bill & Ted’ movie, he was driving to set and saw a sign on the road that a fan made that had ‘You’re breathtaking’ written on it. Lo and behold, Keanu stopped the car and went to the sign to leave his autograph.

One family was on vacation in Paris. The mother saw Keanu going into a nearby trailer and decided to knock on the door to meet Keanu. Another man came out and claimed that Keanu was tired from a long day filming. Then, Keanu overheard the conversation and came out saying “No, no it’s fine, always nice to see some friendly faces” and conversed with his fan. He even gave them an autograph on a piece of paper that was in the hotel of the family.


Another interesting story comes after Keanu worked 7 hours on the set of ‘John Wick 3’. One fan that works nearby wanted to take a photo with Keanu for days but kept on missing him. After a while, he was finally able to catch him, however, Keanu was exhausted (as would anyone else working 7 hours on a set). This was also one of the last days of the filming and he didn’t want to see fans so he kept on walking. However, he decided to stop and wave his fans over, letting each take a picture with him.

Keanu and Boyfriend

  1. Put his matters aside to help others

One person was stranded on the side of the highway after their car broke down. The person did not have a phone with them so there’s no way to call for help. To their surprise, a Porsche pulled over, and in the Porsche was Keanu. He helped the person jump-start the car and after that failed, he called AAA to tow the car. After they arrived, Keanu offered this person a ride home and drove her 50 miles out of his way to drop her at her home. He even gave her his phone number, offering help in the future if she ever needs it.

Meeting Keanu Reeves at a traffic light from pics

  1. He’s nice to people that work with him

One staff member got a job as an assistant prop designer and worked with Keanu on ‘Chain Reaction’ in the late ‘90s. The assistant prop designer claimed that every day during the last few weeks of filming, Keanu took everyone (stagehands and ‘grunt workers’) to breakfast and lunch which he paid himself. Working on about 30 different sets, the assistant prop designer never saw or met any other actor as generous and friendly as Keanu.

While he was working on ‘The Matrix’, Keanu found out that one of the people on the set was having family trouble and gave him $20,000 as a Christmas bonus as help. People on the set also praise him that he’s one of the few people that wanted to know everyone personally.

  1. He loves his job

Keanu never hides his love for the film industry. As great as he is, it was a long time coming but he was finally able to cement his handprints, footprints, and signature on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in May 2019. This is where he shared his feelings with his fans and audiences about his passion for movies.

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