11 Adorable Photos Proving That Sometimes Animals Are Better Than People


A lot of things can be learned by watching the compassion and love that our pets show to us or other living beings.

Jealousy, fear, or pride is not something that can interfere with their empathy and love. Whenever they love someone and care for them, they do it with their entire heart and are not ashamed to show it.

The selflessness and untainted expressions of love inspire us to be better in life. Animals remind us that making the world a better place for people around us is just a choice that we can make.

Simple acts of kindness can mean a lot so this collection of animals giving simple acts of kindness to others will hopefully motivate you to change for the better. Here they are:

  1. After this man saved a stray kitten from the streets and brought it home, he embraced the poor kitten and comforted it.
  2. The maternal instincts of this puppy were triggered and she adopted an orphaned kitty and started producing milk so that it can nurse.
  3. After falling and breaking his neck in the snow, this man’s Golden Retriever found him and kept him warm while barking. The barking signaled help which ended up saving the man’s life.
  4. The owner’s sister got pregnant so this pup kept on giving her affection and love.
  5. Daisy hates riding in the car more than anything so Luna hugs her so that she will feel better.
  6. Even though it’s typical for dogs and cats to fight, it really doesn’t have to be that way. Cuddling is so much nicer, as you can see from this photo.
  7. After this three-year-old child got sick with the flu, Hammer the dog stayed with him, cuddling him so that he’ll feel better.
  8. After finding a forever home, this formerly stray dog kept running away to find his best friend pelican.
  9. Despite being different species, the cat and the dog in the picture love each other more than family.
  10. This cat’s favorite thing is to follow its owner everywhere, even if he goes to the gym. While he is working out, the cat is patiently waiting for him in the lobby until it’s time to go home again.
  11. Everyone knows that cats hate water, however, this kitty sacrificed its fear and dove in the bathtub to save its baby sibling after hearing it scream during bath time.






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