11 Butt Moves That Beat Basic Lunges


Curvy butts are much more wanted from women than ever. Every woman craves for having the perfect round buttocks like they’ve never had before.

You’ve probably seen celebrities’ and their curvaceous butts on magazines or web pages. All of these celebrities have been doing exercises to reach their skinny figure but curvy butt. However, trends vary from time to time and as of now, much more flesh from the behind is more appreciated than ever before.

Whenever you turn around, you’ll probably turn eyes right at your bottom. Even if you have a bad shape of your behind, you can improve it with dedication.

A trainer in Bayonne, New Jersey, Paul Sorace, made a statement:

At the very least, 99% of the women I train want to work with the glutes.” As much as men want to have a muscular chests and arms, most women think that “having a fit body is having a tighter set of buns.”

Another fitness trainer and owner of wellness studio in Stanford and Ken, Connecticut, Marilyn Gansel, made a statement that  If a woman feels confident about having great glutes, she’s not too shy to show it offPeople are starting to see that curves are sexy.

This trend is much more appreciated than the one where the women were as skinny as skeletons.

Throughout the internet, many ways show which is the best way to reach the perfect butt.

Many expert trainers claim that lunges are the most important exercise which works-out the glutes the best. However, lunges can be the most boring exercise, especially if you’re making millions of repetitions. Additionally, they only shape your butt in one direction.

These 11 exercises meant to alternate the lunges will help you not only exercise for the perfect butt, but also change the boring exercising from before.

This video will help you with the exercises and the routine that you should follow. Every part of your body will be changed so you need to keep an eye on your butt as it gets larger through time.

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