11 Things About You That Will Change When You Lose Your Parents


When you least expect it, life can put you in the most unexpected position. It takes a second to lose something so dear to you.

Life can turn upside down and there is no one to warn you. It can collapse when you least expect it. And the saddest part of life is losing dear people- someone who is close to you may not be here till the time you hoped.

We never cherish the moment until it becomes a memory. The most upsetting part is that we never know how fortunate we were until the bad times come. Until some of our beloved ones are taken away, we hardly appreciate the time spent with them.

Below are the 11 things that you will experience when you lose your parents:

  1. You will appreciate the importance of the family

Remember, no one will love you the way your parents love you. Even if they judged you unfairly or you fought with them, they will never turn their back on you.

When we were younger, we rolled our eyes when they said that they only wanted what was best for us. But as we get older, we understand the true meaning of those words.

  1. You won’t be able to function properly for some time

When you lose a parent, you will feel not only mental but physical pain. It may feel like a vital part is torn from you. When they are gone, part of you will always feel the pain. You won’t be able to return to your true self for a while.

This devastating experience will change your life forever, as you won’t be able to see them once again in your lifetime. But, as time goes by, you will feel a slight relive and can see life with a clear vision again.

  1. You will feel alone and broken

The pain in your heart will always remind you how unfair and bitter life is. It will stay forever. In the beginning, you will try so hard to break free from the chains of grief. However, you will gain the strength to accept faith.

  1. You will feel physical symptoms

The physical pain in your whole body may continue long after you lost your parents. You will wish they were with you to ease the pain and take care of you.

  1. You wouldn’t want to hear other people complaining about their parents

When friends or acquaintances complain about their parents and take them for granted, you will be mad. From deep down you would want to tell them they need to appreciate their parents more and time spend with them is priceless.

  1. You may feel envious at them as they can still spend time with their parents

When listening to them, you will only wish to hug your parents once again. You may feel jealous as they are blessed to have a parent who is alive and can’t spend quality time with them.

  1. Even a little amount of sadness will stay with you forever

Sometimes you will find yourself crying your eyes out just like the day they left Earth. The pain reduces over time, but when you think of them, it will always come back.

  1. The holidays won’t be the same without them

You won’t see the holidays the same as before. Your parents won’t be there to remind you to come for dinner or set the Christmas tree. They won’t be around to play with your kids on Christmas day or open the presents together. You may continue to celebrate the holidays, but something will be missing.

  1. When you have important news to share, you will feel the urge to call them

At the time something exciting happens to you, you will want to pick the phone and call your parents. You may sometimes catch yourself calling them to see if someone picks up the phone. When you realize no one is going to answer the call, the soul-crushing pain will turn back. But as long as you have loved ones with whom you share your happiness, your pain will be eased.

  1. You will find out secrets

As you come across information about them after they die, you may find out some uncomfortable secrets. However, you will understand that they were people like anyone else, not just parents.

  1. You will know how much you loved them

Maybe the saddest thing about loss is realizing how much you loved that person. As hard as it is, you only become aware of your feelings after you lose someone. Your parents won’t be there for you in your hardest and happiest times.

If your parents are still alive, don’t forget to tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Try to spend quality time with them, call them regularly to hear them, and tell them to show how much you care. Worship every second you spend as a family, as they won’t be here with you forever.

Sources: www.iheartintelligence.com

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