11 Types Of Muscle Tension Caused By Trapped Emotions


If you belong to people who suppress (bottle) the emotions you may be dealing with a lot of health problems, including muscle tension.

People who bottle emotions are locking them away within their bodies, which can cause intense muscle tension and is extremely uncomfortable. Trapped emotions, sometimes can be more dangerous than most people even can realize. They may block energy and leave people suffering.

So, if you are experiencing muscle tension of any kind, whether you realize it or not you may be bottling. People may forget about the things they have locked inside, but their bodies cannot. Those who are experiencing chronic tension in common places like their back, shoulders, or even their neck they need to read this article.

Here are 11 Types of Muscle Tension That May Be Caused by Bottling Your Emotions

  1. Upper Back Tension

When somebody is holding onto something very sad, it can build-up to the point where he/she is feeling it physically. Perhaps those persons need to let go of past heartbreaks or similar things. They need to allow those feelings to ride out as soon as possible.

  1. Shoulder Tension

The condition of the shoulder is always responding with responsibilities and with good reason. For instance, if you add more weight without acknowledging that you need help it will worsen this tension. The best way of avoiding such a problem is to ask for help when you need it, without pretending that everything is fine when it isn’t. Be sure that it is not helping things at all.

  1. Lower Back Tension

Numerous insecurities grow exactly on the lower back when some people are making fun of you, or you hate something about yourself. As this situation is common to everyone, you shouldn’t be ignoring them but rather working through them. By accepting yourself everything will begin feeling better.

  1. Abdominal Tension

When you refuse to process something important you can experience tension or cramping in the stomach. It can be a hard situation, but it does not mean you should pretend it didn’t happen. Accept it as it is and feel the things you need to feel.

  1. Neck Tension

In case you refuse to deal with the stress at hand you can experience neck tension. Unfortunately, the neck tension can cause a lot of problems, so don’t allow it to build up, try to release it quickly. Sometimes you can wake up with serious neck aches, but if it is daily then looking for help.

  1. Middle Back Tension

Middle back tension can occur as a result of refusing to deal with a guilty conscience if you did something wrong, or there is something you need to own up to. Because everyone makes mistakes in life, there is nothing that cannot be forgiven in time.

  1. Head Tension

Every kind of fear can cause tension in your head, so it is of great importance to know what you are afraid of. You should, also know what bothers you that you aren’t even aware of.

  1. Wrist Tension

As a common issue people seem to face, wrist tension occurs when they are upset and angry. Anger is such a condition that manifests itself whether we are aware of it or not. Be sure that your body knows If someone or something is pissing you off.

  1. Outer Thigh Tension

Your past ends here and every sense of betrayal you have experienced here appears, but it is obvious that you ignore it. If this happens to you often, you need to figure out how to overcome it as soon as possible.

  1. Inner Thigh Tension

This is where your ability to overcome impatience comes first. Being too strenuous can be a result of frustration and is something that people struggle with. This is one of the easier tensions that can be easily relieved.

  1. Knee Tension

Knee tension can mostly come from fear, especially when you show your vulnerable side and bottling it away. There is nothing risky about being vulnerable sometimes, so you need to stop being afraid of feeling things.





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