14-Month-Old Lioness Brutally Declawed In Zoo So Visitors Can Play With Her


What it’s like to be held captive in a place where others decide when to sleep, what to eat, or even what to do? No one wants to experience such a thing. Just imagine, how one animal left alone and far from its natural habitat feels?

Sadly, humanity aims to profit out of everything, including animals. We all know that money rules the world, but why do so many people cut animal’s freedom for their reasons?

An unfortunate event happened in a Palestinian Zoo, where a 14-month-old lioness was declawed so that visitors can come and play with her. The event took place in the Rafah Zoo and unfortunately, there are no veterinary facilities nearby that could help the poor animal.

As the Zoo lacked visitors, the owner decided to declaw the lioness, hoping for more visitors. His intention was somehow successful; however, many of the visitors were left in shock and disbelief.

The 14-month-old was injured this February. The lioness named Falestine was shrouded and tranquilized before veterinarian Fayez al-Haddad could put her on a table. After it was all ready, he started his work.

Before he sewed her up, he clipped off her claws with a pair of shears.

After a few days, Haddad continued to torture the lioness so he can finish his inhumane job.

What was done to the animal didn’t affect the owner of the Zoo, not the veterinarian Haddad morally. You don’t want to imagine how much the animal has suffered and how much pain it felt.

Activists in the For Paws charity came out with a statement that what was done to the lioness is similar to chopping off a person’s fingers up to their knuckles. They explained:

“For big cats, removing the claws is a particularly vicious procedure which causes long-lasting damage. Natural behavior, such as grabbing food or climbing, is hardly possible without an animal’s claws. Since the amputation was not done in a proper vet clinic, the chance of infection is high.”

The Rafah Zoo is located not far away from the border with Egypt and it was first to open two decades ago.  As it is located in the southernmost part of the Gaza strip, the Zoo was closed back in 2004 when it was destroyed by an Israeli army.

The zoo was first opened two decades ago and is located close to the border of Egypt in the southernmost part of the Gaza strip. It closed in 2004 when an Israeli army bulldozing operation destroyed it. It was re-established and opened again two years ago.

Unfortunately, activists from the Four Paws claim the conditions where the animals live are horrendous.

More than 49 lion cubs are trapped in miserable enclosures and four newborns were carelessly left to die because of freezing. Now, despite the pitiful enclosures, the zoo keeps 49 animals, including cats, monkeys, wolves, emus, five lions, exotic birds, and one hyena.

The charity also thinks that the authorities allow smuggling animals in and out of Gaza via underground tunnels connected to the Zoo.

They are committed to the idea of shutting it down due to the terrible living conditions and the inhumane actions made on them.

We are all hoping that the lioness will be fine in the future. Animal welfare advocates felt disgusted when they found out about the incident and certainly many of us felt the same way.

However, Jumma doesn’t seem to be upset at all about the declawing, as he says that he was only trying “to reduce the aggression of the lioness so it can be friendly with visitors.”

Many people are aware that this is not the only case of animal torture. But they need to be confident to address the perpetrators so they can be punished accordingly.

In an Instagram post, Four Paws described they fought for the zoo to be closed and allow all of the captive animals to live a decent life out of the zoo. They explained:

“Our team already started negotiations with the relevant authorities. They urgently need our help! We’ll keep you updated about this case!”

Most people will agree that declawing the lioness is a savage act and unnecessary. It is unnatural for a wild animal to interact with humans.

However, Haddad doesn’t let go of these goals and claims that he observed Falestine’s behavior when she was released out of her cage to play with visitors on February 12 and she didn’t act unusually.

 “The claws were cut so that they would not grow fast and visitors and children could play with her. We want to bring smiles and happiness to children while increasing the number of visitors to the park, which suffers from high expenses.”

He also claims that the lioness won’t lose her innate nature won’t give up her instincts. Haddad adds that the sheared off claws will typically grow back in approximately 6 months.

Even though Falestine was in huge pain, she was spotted playing with the zookeepers. Still, they will wait sometime before she will be free to interact with visitors.


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⚠SHOCKING footage revealed: young lioness brutally mutilated ❗ The owner of the oldest zoo in Gaza allows visitors to play with this lioness and therefore cruelly removed her claws with garden shears! Sadly, this is not the only animal suffering in the Rafah Zoo; just a couple of weeks ago 4 newborn lion cubs died due to the unusually cold weather and lack of proper care. We strongly demand the closure of the zoo, where over 40 more animals are kept in horrible conditions. Our team already started negotiations with the relevant authorities. They urgently need our help! 🆘 We’ll keep you updated about this case! #SaveGazaAnimals . . . #FOURPAWS #VIERPFOTEN #animals #animal #animalwelfare #bigcats #lions #lion #cruel #animalcruelty #cat #rescue #animalrescue #help #sos #animalsanctuary #thelionking #helpforlions #helpforanimals #animalwelfareorganisation #animalcontent #gaza #palestina #urgent #suffering #horrible #donate #savegazaanimals

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