17 Sings You’re An INFJ, The World’s Rarest Personality Type

17 Signs Indicating This Uncommon Personality Type

According to Carl G. Jung’s, who developed a theory of psychological types in 1971, people can be classified into 16 different personality types.

The clear distinction between the different types of personality is made by using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, which was developed back in the 1940s. Individuals are assessed in these 4 categories:

Extroversion vs. Introversion

– Thinking vs. Feeling

– Sensing vs. Intuition

– Judging vs. Perceiving

These criteria determined to which category every person belongs.

One of the rarest types in the world is Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging (INFJ) type. In the world, there are just 2% of this type. The people of this type of personality are excellent leaders, great friends, good workers, and empathetic, the characteristics that make them worthy.

In the last few years, this personality type has been very mentioned in media. The people who are INFJ have been defined as emotionally intelligent, intuitive, and mysterious.

Here are the Signs Indicating This Type of Personality

1. They feel lonely

They seem to be different, because there are fewer people with this personality type, and it is too hard for them to find someone with the similar views of the world.

2. Those people do not feel like other kids since their childhood.

These people are about “getting everything or nothing at all.”

3. They do not prefer wasting time to unimportant things

They are able to choose quality instead of quantity and are not showing interest in people who are fraudulent, calculating, and wishy-washy.

4. People like being around them because of their warmness

In most of the cases, even a complete stranger opens the reveal their deepest secrets and heart to an INFJ.

5. The INFJs make other people feel comfortable and at peace when they are around them.

Also, the INFJs are excellent listeners.

6. As they are empathetic, they have the ability to know many things because of their highly evolved intuition.

They are seeing the real character of a person, even after seeing them for the first time.

7. INFJs tend to be forgivable when their friends do something wrong

It happens because they know the real cause of that certain behavior (insecurities or past trauma).

8. Wasteful gestures or some great stories are not in their sphere of interest if there is no honest and true motive in them

They tend to the meaning and truth and are capable of identifying lies and half-truths, because of their ability to look things from insight.

9. They are removing someone who is a manipulator or a fake from their life

Additionally, they like traveling, adventures, and experiences, which are in favor of learning more about the self-reflection and life.

10. They are introverts

That is because of their capability to be present in social settings, and are capable to make the party fun too. Nevertheless, they lose energy fast and this never lasts long. Instead of clubs and balls, they like bars and barbecues and do not like to be a part of the crowd.

11. Very shortly they need a little bit time to spend alone and fill themselves with new energy

Their specific ideas for the world and changing the society are very strong and they would never abandon their beliefs. So in case of a career, law, or a relationship that is not fulfilling their standards, they would just forget about it.

12. They like only several friends and working alone

Their several friends are always loyal and there for them. They are, actually great team players, but they do not like meetings with coworkers and group projects, but working from home or in some office with people who think like them.

13. The INFJs do not like small talk at all!

Their believing is that small talk just consumes their energy for no reason, so, talk to them about your wish-list or some other deep topics.

14. They are people-pleasers and high-achievers

You should hire an INFJ if you want something to be done right and on time, as they will always do their work in an exceptional way.

15. These people want perfection and take everything by heart

As they are dreamers and doers, in the case of the failure or inadequacy, they can experience depression and anxiety.

16. These people are creative writers, as they are great in languages

They tend to be alone and working on their hobbies and skills, as well as to write in order to express their feelings.

17. It is very important to them how someone treats them

They need extroverted friends, as they can make them feel relaxed and less serious. By seeing the bigger picture, they tend to operate several steps ahead. They need grounded people, because they sometimes, can forget about the present



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