19 Things It Took Me 60 Years To Learn


Life is a continuous learning experience because people are constantly rising and falling, accumulating important lessons throughout their lives. Some of these lessons come from personal experience, while other people learn to watch others or read in books. There are many life lessons that people simply cannot learn until they face certain situations in their lives, but many lessons can come too late, catching them off guard and unprepared.

How do People View Their Life?

Some people think that everything that happens in their lives is out of their control, but it can be true for passive people, who have minimal goals.

For others, life is a great opportunity for learning and showing their fullest potentials. Those proactive people try to understand how the world works, setting their goals, and learning all they can, even that what is in their dreams. This category of people attains success because they pay attention to the lessons that life teaches them.

The Different Areas of Life Lessons

The life lessons can be from different areas, such as:

  • Life Lessons for a Good Mindset
  • Life Lessons of Business
  • Life Lessons Learned from Relationships
  • Life Lessons for Happiness
  • Life Lessons for Human behavior.
  • Life Lessons for Communication.
  • Life Lessons for Body Language.
  • Life Lessons for Personal Finance.
  • Life Lessons for Career Discovery.
  • Life Lessons for Work Habits.
  • Life Lessons for Creativity and others.

Useful Things from Dave Barry for Everyone

One of the famous people who decided to share their wisdom and experience with others is Dave Barry American author, humorist and Pulitzer Prize winner. He is known for his humorous quotes about things he has learned over the years.

Working as a general assignment journalist for the Daily Local News in West Chester, Pennsylvania in 1971 he began his journalistic career.

In 1983, Dave became a published author with the non-fiction book “Taming the Screws,” and after several books were published in 1988, he received the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary.

In 2011, his novel “Big Trouble” was used for a film starring Rene Russ, Patrick Warburton, and Tim Allen.

He described his experience in a 1997 work entitled “25 Things I Learned in 50 Years,” but also writing articles and columns. His wisdom in these allegations is still valid today as it was two decades ago, and here we share a few of the most significant ones.

  1. The unifying thing for all people, regardless of age, gender, economic status, religion, or ethnicity, is that deep down everyone believes they are above-average drivers.
  2. It’s not wrong to enjoy looking at the surface of the ocean itself, but when you see what’s going on underwater, then people realize they’re missing the whole point of the ocean. Staying on the surface all the time is like going to the circus and looking outside the tent.
  3. If one word must express the reason why the human race has not realized, and will never realize its full potential, that word would be “meetings.”
  4. How much sense of humor there is can be measured by the degree to which people realize that they are trapped in a world completely devoid of reason. Laughter is how people express the anxiety they feel because of this knowledge.
  5. People should not be afraid to try something new. People should be aware that a lone amateur built the Ark, but the construction of the Titanic is the result of a large group of professionals.
  6. While guys are simple, Women are not and always assuming that men must be just as complex as they are, but they are much more mysterious. The point in all of this is that guys don’t think much, they’re just what they look like. Tragic.
  7. After 11 years of life, you should not expect other people to do a great thing around your birthday.
  8. Not everyone has to be a good dancer. He just needs to get up and dance.
  9. Don’t burden yourself with money if you don’t have a lot; be happy with as much as you have it.
  10. Men look like fine wine, they start out like grapes, and it’s up to women to put up with them until they turn into something acceptable for dinner.
  11. Never take a sleeping pill or laxative the same night.
  12. Don’t confuse a career with your life.
  13. Although dear to you, a person who is rude to a waiter is not a nice person.
  14. No one is able to give a clear and convincing reason why we observe the time of summer savings.
  15. Those who share their religious views with others almost never want others to share theirs with them.
  16. Light always overcomes darkness, so even a tiny match can illuminate the darkest room. Darkness will always be defeated as long as there is a light somewhere in the universe.
  17. Gossip is the most destructive force in the universe.
  18. Friends are personalities who love you anyway.
  19. All troubles and things that look bad are noticed by an individual who notices the solution and is ready to take command. That person is usually crazy.

Life lessons can serve to help people to understand themselves better. Learning lessons as the consequences of the actions or reactions can gain insight into how people think, act, and react in certain situations.

According to experts, the biggest lesson people can ultimately learn is to control everything, which will help them to control their responses to things.


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