20+ Clever Reasons to Keep Dryer Sheets in the Home, Besides Drying Clothes


Everyone loves how the laundry smells and feels after the use of the fabric softener or dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are interlaced sheets of fibers coated with a fatty acid or stearic acids, scents, and a cocktail of various chemicals.

The stearic acid melts from the heat in the dryer, coating the clothes to make them soft, and reduce static.

However, dryer sheets aren’t just for drying clothes, there’s a myriad of other clever alternative uses, making dryer sheets a must-have household staple for maintaining and cleaning at home.

  1. Keep suitcases fresh

In addition to using dryer sheets in their drawers, this trick is also useful for storing fresh contents of suitcases and backpacks, but the dried leaf can be used in a pet house for a better scent!

  1. Get rid of deodorant marks

After using deodorant, stains may remain on your clothes. By rubbing a dryer sheet (especially used one) on the affected area the stain will disappear instantly.

  1. Polish chrome

Use a dryer sheet instead of harsh chemicals to clean your bathroom faucets and shower doors. For that purpose, are best-used dryer sheets and can be great for removing watermarks on faucets, and a wet dryer sheet can clean soap scum on shower doors.

  1. Air freshener (on the fan)

A pined scented dryer sheet to the fan/air unit can distribute the aroma in your room.

  1. Dust off electronics

The builds up on your electronic devices can be wiped away by using the dryer sheets. You can use them to clean computers, laptops, and TV, and their surfaces will not be damaged.

  1. Clean blades of dirty scissors

From excessive use, dirt remains on the scissors, so they become less sharp. The drying sheet can be of great help in cleaning the blade scissors.

  1. Dust off ceiling fans

By placing the drying sheet over the paint roller, you can clean excess dirt from the ceiling fan, thus avoiding the use of a ladder.

  1. Remove lint and pet hair

Lint and pet hair that might be left on furniture and clothes can be removed by using the dryer sheets, by simply wiping them wherever they are.

  1. Remove bugs from your car

The dead bugs from your car can be removed by using the dryer sheets and wiping them off, whether that’s on the windshield or the bumper.

  1. Clean up dirty markings on your wall

Rub marks on your wall, caused by crayon or something similar, with a, dampen dryer sheet.

  1. Clean an iron

Burnt fabric causes dirt on the iron, which is difficult to remove, but a dryer sheet can be very useful. Heat the iron on a low temperature and gently rub the dirty iron plate. Repeat the process until you remove all the dirt and other particles.

  1. Make a Firestarter

Do not throw away used dryer sheets, but store them and use them to light a fire. Light one end of the dried dryer sheet, which is a great camping hack!

  1. Remove soap scum

Thick soap from soap bottles is really hard to remove. Dried dryer sheets can be moistened with water and used to wipe the soap scum.

  1. Clean stainless steel

Fingerprints and stains made of stainless steel can be removed using dryer sheets, and it is especially useful for refrigerator handles and other devices that are often used.

  1. Stop curled hair

The troubles with curled hair or static cling can be solved by using the dryer sheet before using the hairbrush.  Before embarking on your usual hair routine place a layer of the dryer on top of the hairbrush.

  1. Clean dirty pots and pans

Avoid scrubbing dirty dishes by filling a dirty pan with warm soapy water and then tossing a few dried sheets inside. After an hour the dirt will disappear.

  1. Keep your bathroom smelling nice

The worst smelling areas of the house are the bathrooms, but probably one little secret can help you overcome that. When installing a new roll of toilet paper, take the dried sheet and place it inside the toilet paper roller. This will bring more and more freshness to the bathroom air.

  1. Serve as a car air freshener

Cars are a special place where people are forced to spend a certain amount of time and they need freshness. Instead of investing in expensive fresheners and car maintenance, you can place dryer sheets by placing them in dead car spaces.

  1. Prevent bug bites

If you are considering an effective anti-bug remedy, you can apply the trick of putting a dryer sheet in a belt or collar.

  1. Clean eyeglasses

The dryer sheets are a great alternative for microfiber cloth to clean eyeglasses. Rub the dryer sheet gently across the lenses to remove fingerprints and other smudges.

  1. Keep thread from knotting

Knots from the thread while sewing can be pulled out if you previously put a dryer sheet, which can help prevent tangles.

  1. Say goodbye to squeaky shoes

New shoes, especially running shoes, can squeak when the bottoms are rubbed on tiles or varnish. To prevent this, pull the dryer sheet over the bottom of the shoe to prevent squeaking.

  1. Freshen old books

The smell of new books and freshly printed pages can be unpleasant for individuals, but the unpleasant smell is felt from old books as well. Resolve the unpleasant odor by placing the books in an airtight bag, along with the dryer sheet, and wait 1 hour for the odor to be removed.

  1. Dusting replacement

Using dryer sheets as a replacement for dusting pads is another use, as they easily cling onto dust, grime, and hair on the floor. As the dryer pads are thin, use them together.

Some Problems of Using Dryer Sheets

  • Residues of fabric softening sheet accumulate on the filter, and eventually, the stains will settle and be difficult to remove because the adhesive film has blocked the holes in the filter.
  • If you have children, avoid washing their pajamas with dryer sheets, because the coating can make pajamas less resistant.
  • The wicking capabilities of activewear and socks can be disabled by stearic acid coatings.



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