20 Minute Workout to Tighten And Tone Lower-Body


Every girl dreams of tight and beautiful legs. Women do not have the problem of working out, even at home, since all of the workout exercises they can get from online in less than 5 seconds. Many women want to become models or Instagram influencers, so working out and having pump legs is more relevant than ever before, even if it’s not for a career and just for personal like.

It’s very possible to get the shape of the legs with regular exercise and make more attractive tight muscle groups. These are the five most popular and effective exercises out there. The exercises for working out the leg muscles include the gluteal muscles.

You have to have heard these exercises in the past before so please check them out again and make sure you’re doing them right and complete. Don’t get laziness take control and get your work down!

Spend more than 10 minutes on cardio before doing the sets and 5 more stretch muscles so you won’t injure yourself. Doing these exercises in the morning works for the best, but it’s never about the time that you work out but the frequency. Doing these exercises for two weeks will give you great results and will leave you content.

Here are the 8 exercises and instructions on how to do them:

  1. Lunges

  • Stand up tall with your feet and shoulder apart wide. Make sure you bring your hands in together for balance.
  • Tighten in your hamstrings and push off from the ground to return to your beginning position. Repeat this from the other side and alternate each time.
  1. PliƩ squat

  • Stand up with a flat back and tighten your core. Your feet need to be wider than the shoulder width and toes facing diagonally.
  • Using a dumbbell on both your hands in front of you, bend your knees by bringing your hips backward while looking straight. Your knees need to follow your toes diagonally.
  • Your tights need to come parallel to the ground to finish this wide stance squat. Stop for a second and return to starting position, your knees locked. Do the exercise again.
  1. Glute Kickbacks

  • Get on the ground by supporting your body with your knees and hands. Next, thrust your legs backward.
  • Support your core and keep your back flat just like you’re kicking your left leg and up and back.
  • Return your leg to your position in the beginning and do not let your knee touch the ground. Repeat.
  1. Star Jumps

  • Get straight up with your feet together and your arms extended completely and keep your hands by your sides.
  • Start by bending your knees and push up straightened through the balls of your feet. Keeping your legs straight, jump up and spread them wider than your hip.
  • Raise both of your arms to the head smooth arc.
  • As you come back down, move the feet and hands at the same time back to their original position, keeping your hands extended.
  • Do these movements for however much time and repetitions you want.
  1. Clams

  • Get on a comfortable surface such as a mat and lie on the left side. Put your left hand back on your head and place your right hand across your body. Additionally, keep your knees stacked and your feet behind you.
  • Lift your left knee by keeping the feet together.
  • Stop at the top of the movement for a second and lower your knee slowly to the beginning position. Repeat the movement.
  1. Dumbbell Step-Ups

  • First, you will need two dumbbells. By standing next to a bench in front of you, hold the dumbbells and face upfront.
  • Take your right knee up and put it onto the bench. Step up and bring your body to a standing position onto the bench.
  • Step down to the starting position and alternate your legs by stepping onto the bench.
  1. Squats

  • Move your knees and feet to your shoulder width and keep your abs braced and chest up.
  • Start moving by swinging your arms toward your shoulders and bending your knees while driving your hips back. The movement will imitate like sitting on a chair.
  • Pause when your upper thighs reach a parallel line with the ground and push back up with your legs and core. By keeping your knees straight, get up to the starting position. Repeat.
  1. Bird-dog

  • Start by placing the body like you’re trying to do a plank. Keep your forearms on the ground while your elbows are under your shoulders. Keep your legs extended behind you while your feet are as wide as the hip.
  • Your body needs to keep a straight line from your ankles to your shoulders with your core fixed.
  • Raise your right foot inches above by squeezing your glutes, keeping the hips parallel to the ground. Hold the position for two seconds and return to the starting position. Alternate the legs and repeat.
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