3 Ways to Practice Non-Attachment in Our Relationships


Right after we are born, we are taught that we need to be attached to everything.

Later, we became attached to the people around us, to the things we possess, and sometimes in situations that affect us.

And most importantly, in our life we became attached to the people we fall in love with.

Remember this: attachment doesn’t mean love. It can only objectify another human being. Many people become possessed over their loved ones, and that is a bad sign when entering a romantic relationship.

You may question yourself- what are the 3 normal ways to achieve non-attachment?

  1. Practice interconnectivity over codependency

You can start a healthy relationship with your partner if you invest yourself emotionally, spiritually, and mentally in them. It will create a normal interdependence.

This kind of interdependence supports feelings of self-love, love, and support. However, it is important to respect each other’s privacy and boundaries, otherwise, conflicts of interest may easily arise.

And no one wants to fight with their significant other.

  1. Reduce the fear of loss

Most people when in relationship fear to lose their partner. It may be the greatest fear when it comes to love.

Breakups are messy and no one wants them. But do not attach to the fear of losing them, as you may start to “choke” them with your fear.

Instead of fearing for the future, let that feeling go and enjoy every moment you spend together.

  1. Connect with you and your feelings

The biggest truth about happiness is not depending on others. Only you can make yourself truly happy.

Your happiness is in your hands. It doesn’t depend on your family, friends, loved ones or money.

Only you have the ability to take control of your life. We may sometimes act as everything else is responsible for our well-being. If you want to be happy, rely on yourself.

You are only becoming dependent on your partner when you expect them to make you happy and believe is the only source for your bliss.



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