31 Sisters Ask Their Brothers How They Look And Post Their Savage Responses


Every sibling will tell you just how much love they can give toward each other. However, through all of the love and care that they have for each other, there are always angry and annoying moments.

One Twitter user named @Syrianting made a tweet stating that “If you ever want to be humbled, ask your brother how you look.” This tweet goes for girls and women that have brothers as siblings.

Her tweet went viral instantly and more than 31 sisters involved themselves in the challenge. These sisters posted their responses publicly.

Most of the brothers used this chance to annoy their siblings even more. Other brothers texted the occasional tease while other brothers were completely hearty and adorable with their responses.

Varying from emo lesbians to being turned into a toad and looking just like a turkey farmer, the responses were completely hilarious that will make your day.

You can scroll down to see some of the responses:

Sources: www.boredpanda.com

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