5 House Plants That Produce the Most Oxygen


When you decide that you want to include green plants in your house environment, you should be careful about certain things. Lightening is among the trickiest things when it comes to lush greenery. It is good to know that even low light plants require some light to grow. So be careful if your bathroom has small windows or no windows at all. In that case, you should use fluorescent bulbs. When it comes to humidity and temperature, you should know that they don’t suit many plants. They are often caused by hot running water from showers and baths. So tropical flora works well in bathrooms. Last but not the least, since bathrooms are limited in space, you shouldn’t consider taking care of large or tall plants inside your bathroom. For that purpose, you can consider plants that hang from the ceiling, or trail down from a high shelf.

These are among the best bathroom plant choices:

Aloe Vera

It is the “plant of immortality” and it’s a perfect choice for a sunny bathroom window. It does not only bring life to the place itself, it’s full of minerals and vitamins. Its gel can be used for medical purposes like tropical treatment for a dry skin, or insect bites among other things. When placed close to the window, the humidity alone may meet most of its water needs.


This plant is able to grow in any light and it doesn’t need any soil. Place the bamboo to root in a container, filled with pebbles, and water it every two to four weeks. And bear in mind that it grows really fast.


The bathroom is the perfect place for Begonias, since they must be overwintered inside. Use fluorescent lightening and require bathroom humidity.

Boston Fern

Ferns naturally grow in sub-tropical and tropical rain forests. It requires filtered light and high humidity conditions. Place it on a windowsill. In the growing months, the soil should be kept moist.

Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plants can be placed in low light, in temperatures from 50 to 85 degrees. You can let it dry out before re-watering. So it can survive infrequent watering.


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