7-Year-Old Boy Throws Prom For His Babysitter, 17, After Her Dance Was Canceled


During Springtime, usually in May, children and parents of children between the ages 15 and 18 are preparing for the high-schoolers’ favorite time of the year – Prom. On this occasion, girls dress in colorful gowns while boys pose awkwardly for photos wearing their not-so-well fitting tuxedoes or suits. However, every single one of these students will cherish these memories for all of their lives.

Even though most people in the US have gone through this celebration in their own way, when did it begin?

Prom and its History

The first evidence of prom can be dated to the mid to late 1800s. It started in universities and colleges in the Northeast as a way to promote social etiquette and manners for the graduating classes of the year.

Prom, short for promenade, is a formal introductory parading of guests at a social event. Teenage culture started to grow in the US and by the 1940s, prom was implemented as the adolescent dance that we know today. During the 1950s, America had a thriving economy after the war. This allowed high schools and their students to avoid celebrating the prom in the traditional gymnasium. Instead, the proms were held in country clubs and hotels.

One of the largest prom venues, if not the largest, was created by Susan Ford, the daughter of President Gerald Ford. This prom took place at the White House in 1975 and she remains to be the only kid to hold the honor of celebrating her prom in such a way.

Lockdown Cancelled Proms

Because of the lockdown caused by COVID-19, all social gatherings and events were canceled. This included high-school and college events, such as the prom and graduation. People all across the world are practicing social-distancing and children aren’t allowed to go to their yearly dances.

We have written an article about how a great father gave his daughter the graduation she deserved amidst the crisis at hand. After getting her bachelor’s degree from Xavier University, Pierce Brown’s father, Torrence Brown, built a stage in front of their house and gave his daughter the ceremony that she deserves.

There are examples of other high-schoolers to celebrate their proms on an online conference call. There are tons of creative ideas that people have come up with to not lose on their celebrations yet still maintain social-distancing.

7-Year-Old Boy and his Nanny

One boy from Raleigh, North Carolina heard that his babysitter was devastated for the cancellation of her prom. Curtis Rogers, a 7-year-old boy, decided to give his babysitter the prom she deserved. Even though he is not old enough to go to an actual prom, he invited Rachel Chapman, 17-years-old, to a very beautiful mini-prom party at his backyard.

Amidst the pandemic, Rachel was sure to miss her senior prom at Sanderson High School. Rachel was babysitting for Curtis for about a year before the outbreak of the virus. During this work time, her job was to pick him up from school, take him to the playground or to his piano lessons, or watch over him while he was finishing up his school work. Elissa Rogers, the mom of Curtis, claims that for the small amount of time that Rachel spent with Curtis, she became almost part of the family. They were glad to help Curtis out and give Rachel this amazing celebration.

After the outbreak, Rachel’s school went under lockdown and she wasn’t able to see Curtis for two months.

After being invited by Curtis, Rachel was shocked and had no way of knowing “he was going to go all out for me, this is very thoughtful and sweet of him.”

The way Curtis asked Rachel out to prom was by coloring a sign to his at-home prom party. Rachel was glad to show up and wore a lilac dress while Curtis wore a suit and even picked up a tie that matches her dress.

These are some of the most adorable photos that you will ever see and you can tell both of them enjoyed this occasion from their smiles.

During the celebration, both Curtis and Rachel maintained social-distancing. They are six-feet apart from each other in all photos and are even having dinner on the opposite side of the table. The dinner consisted of Rachel’s favorite food from Chick-Fil-A. The pair even raised glasses filled with juice as a toast.





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