7-Year-Old Girl Won The Battle To Make Female Toy Soldiers – Here’s How


Vivian Lord was 6 years old when she noticed that her toy soldiers were always just all men.

She already had enough of the sexist toy-making industry when she was just 7 years of age. Vivian said that she absolutely loved playing with toy soldiers, but she was a bit confused because all the figurines were male.

She was asking for female toy soldiers this Christmas, and one company made her wish come true.

Vivian wrote a letter to several toy-making companies. Part of the letter included her saying: ‘Please, can you make army girls that look like women?’

One company replied to her letter. This company was  BMC Toys and its owner is Jeff Imel. He was already at the time considering launching a line of female Army figurines. But it was the push he got from the letter from Vivian that got him to get moving.

These events took place a year ago. As of this moment, there are 22 female toy soldiers in the circulation of BMC Toys today.

There is no question that toys and playtime influence massively the growth of children. One of the biggest impacts is how toys teach gender roles to children.

We need to stop the whole concept of having “girls toys” that teach young girls what they should and shouldn’t like in life and how they should or shouldn’t behave in society.

The same goes for boys’ toys and games. Boys can and are encouraged to also have kitchen toys because knowing how to cook is a life skill that every individual should possess.



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