8 Comebacks for Dealing with Rude People


Running into rude people is something you just can’t avoid. And the funny thing is, that they do not necessarily have to be strangers.

You might come across rude people saying mean things to you in a store or at your morning commute. But a lot of rudeness you usually deal with is related to people you consider close.

Whether you are subjected to rudeness at work, school, or home it can most certainly have negative effect, especially if it’s coming from those who are closest to you. Anyways, whether you’ll let the rude comment have negative effect on you, is entirely up to you.

We know that people don’t often think about what they say before they do, and how it will affect the person that saying refers to. Therefore, it may lead to a total disaster if the person the comment refers to becomes offended.

It’s good for you to find the right comeback to deal with rude people, and still remain positive and polite. Here are some comebacks that are worth considering, so as to be prepared for the next time you encounter rudeness.

  1. “Thank you”

“Thank you” is a reply that is associated with thoughtfulness and kindness. So when you say “thank you” to someone who is being rude to you, it implies that you are mature enough not to let that person’s rudeness affect you in any way.

This phrase has the power to end the rude comments or the impolite conversation pretty quickly and it’s leading towards calmness and positivity.

  1. “I appreciate your point of view”

This is a really intelligent approach. It leaves an impression that you are not going to adjust to the offender’s level, but you’re more interested in communicating in an adult manner.

The point of any rude comment you get is to shake you perception of yourself. So it’s really important not to let that happen. You have to make them stop trying to bring you down. Therefore, if you approach the situation differently, in a more considerate way, they might even appreciate you more.

  1. “End of discussion”

If you feel really frustrated, angry and about to lose your temper, you should end the discussion. It’s always a good idea to leave the conversation before things get really nasty and you stop acting like a civilized person.

If you do so, there’s a chance that you won’t damage the relationship with the person who’s being rude to you.

  1. “Why did you think it was necessary to ask that and why do you think I should answer it?”

This is the right comeback to use when a person is making judgments about your personal life. It clearly states that you consider it an inappropriate question and it lets you stay cool and not lose your temper.

On top of that, it very clearly indicates that the person has crossed the line, so of he/she didn’t mean to do that, they have a chance to apologize.

  1. “The thing you said almost hurt my feelings”

This is a little bit a sarcastic reply but it tells the other person that you won’t let their mean comments affect you negatively. It’s also a sign of maturity and it may actually stop the rudeness once the other person realizes the rude comments can’t affect you.

  1. “You are right”

When you agree with a person on a certain topic, it leaves that person no other choice but to end the discussion, since there’s nothing more to be discussed. So even though this reply might not be pleasing for you, it will definitely get you out of that unpleasant conversation.

  1. “You always have to add some negative comments, don’t you?”

Using this sentence, you immediately take the focus off you and put it right onto the other person. It makes them think about the way they are expressing themselves. This sentence has the power to highlight the damage that the negativity of the rude person can cause.

  1. “I love myself and I love you too”

You can use this reply when having rude and unpleasant conversation with your loved ones, and no one else. It can be very effective at shutting down rudeness. Remember that kindness and love are always a great idea to overcome negativity. It reminds the rude person that the loving relationship between you two does not deserve to be damaged because of those mean comments.

  1. “Laugh. Cause laughter is never a bad choice”

Laughing at someone’s rude comments may make the offender feel embarrassed. If you find yourself in a situation where someone is making unpleasant comments about you, just laugh. That will make the moment less serious and you won’t allow the other person’s rudeness affect you or your mood in any way.


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