8 Plants That’ll Protect You From Mosquitoes For Good

8 Proven Plants That Mosquitoes can’t Stand

Most of the people love sitting outside and enjoying the nice weather during their free time. However, they don’t like to be exposed to the bites of some insects like mosquitoes that also love this environment.

Sometimes, even the short of covering from the head to toe doesn’t help, or at least is not enjoyable, and looks like as a real surviving.

Facing that serious obstruction to enjoy in nature, people found a very simpler solution – planting a few of the flowers and plants in the yard and surrounding. You’ll be really surprised how those bloodsuckers disappear.

As a bonus everyone who does it will make his/her environment to look pretty, so they have a win-win situation – pretty landscaping and a mosquito deterrent!

You can check out these eight plants that will make your backyard a mosquito-free zone.

1. Lavender

With its pretty purple flower, lavender offers a fun way of adding a splash to your backyard. Its smell is so nice to human noses, however, it deters mosquitos, fleas, and flies. As it states in the Old Farmer’s Almanac lavender keeps mosquitos away if you put satchels of dry lavender in your clothes drawers, too.

2. Garlic

Wild garlic is perfect for protecting against any type of bloodsucker, keeping mosquitos and vampires away. You should plant garlic in your garden or in herb pots, which you can place around your favorite outdoor area.

3. Lemon Balm

This plant smells a bit like lemon and mint and attracts good insects like butterflies and bees. Luckily, it is not attractive for the mosquitos and is used as an effective repellent.

You should crush a few of the leaves in your hand and rub the liquid on your skin. This plant is drought resistant, easy for the maintenance, but as it can be invasive, keep an eye on it when you plant it in your garden.

4. Peppermint

Because of its minty smell, peppermint is not popular among the creepy-crawly families. For that reason, many people use it to deter ants and mosquitos.

In addition, it is perfect for keeping away mice, as they don’t like the minty smell either. So, be sure to have them in your surroundings!

5. Marigolds

This is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space because of its imposing color. According to Natural Living Ideas, the oils in this flower can be of great help for several hours’ protection from mosquitos. Also, other bugs stay away from this plant including squash bugs, Mexican bean beetles, and tomato hornworms.

6. Rosemary

This plant is growing in hotter climates, which is also the best environment for mosquitos. Rosemary is recommended by the New York Botanical Garden as it effectively deters mosquitos, because of its scent.

In addition, rosemary keeps moths and flies away. This herb can be used as a decorative border — but for a seasoning your dinner, too!

7. Basil

As a popular herb, basil is used in many Italian dishes and many other cuisines around the globe. However, this strong-smelling herb can have another duty, to repel mosquitos from your surroundings, too.

It is planted with plenty of water, sunlight, and drainage. You can use containers near your sitting area and plant them or as a border for your garden.

8. Geranium

Geranium is a type of flower that provides lots of color to your backyard landscaping. Besides the nice color, it has a light lemon scent, similar to citronella.

To plant it you need to put it in a warm area, as it likes the hotter weather. It can be planted in a pot, too.

For all of you who are planning to rearrange your garden this summer, plan to add a few of these plants and you’ll make your homegrown oasis a haven from the pesky bugs.

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