81 Percent of Dollar Store Products Tested Contain Chemicals Linked To Learning Disabilities, Cancer and Serious Illnesses


According to the HealthyStuff and the Campaign for Healthier Solutions, in over 81% of the Dollar store products are found toxic chemicals. They tested 164 dollar store products such as toys, school supplies, jewelry, and other household items and found in 133 products at least one hazardous chemical above levels of concern.

Concerned organizations and institutions sent to the CEO’s of the four largest Dollar store chains (Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, 99 Cents Only, and Dollar General) urging letters to stop the sale of products with hazardous chemicals to communities.

The National Coordinator for the Campaign for Healthier Solutions, Jose T. Bravo said “We are already disproportionately affected by pollution and lack of adequate medical care, and now we know we’re filling our homes and our bodies with chemicals released from Dollar store products. This needs to stop. ”

Also, Jeff Gearhart, HealthyStuff Research Director expressed his concern about the dollar store products, which according to him are comparatively with the highest percentage of products containing hazardous plasticizers.

Here is the list of the chemicals of concern found in Dollar store products:

–           Phthalates – linked to birth defects, reduced fertility, learning disabilities, cancer, diabetes, and other health issues;

–           Polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC or vinyl) – creates hazards throughout its life cycle and has been linked to asthma and lung effects; and

–           Toxic metals (lead) – harms brain development, leading to lower IQ, learning disabilities, and cause other serious health impacts, especially in children.

Look at some other facts from the report about the Dollar store products:

1)         38% of the products tested (63 of 164) contained the toxic plastic PVC (vinyl);

2)         49% of products tested (80 of 164) contained two or more hazardous chemicals above levels of concern;

3)         32% of a subset of vinyl products tested for phthalates (12 of 38) contained levels of phthalates above the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) limit

About 40% of sales at Dollar stores (food products), which are not tested for this report are highly processed, with low nutritional quality, and their packaging can be another potential source of toxic chemicals. The most common toxic chemical found in those products is a bisphenol-A (BPA), a synthetic hormone linked to breast and others cancers, obesity, reproductive problems, heart disease and early puberty.

Fortunately, there is a growing movement by conventional retail and manufacturing brands, which respond to consumer demand for safer products. They succeed to identify, disclose, and replace priority toxic chemicals with safer alternatives.

The Campaign for Healthier Solutions recommended a comprehensive set of reforms, including that:

  1. Discount Retailers immediately remove products (especially those for children) that contain regulated phthalates and lead from store shelves;
  2. To adopt comprehensive corporate chemical management policies to identify, disclose, and remove hazardous chemicals from their supply chains and from all products
  3. Federal Governments, State and Local, ensure that those companies comply with all relevant laws and regulations;
  4. They should adopt public policies that require manufacturers and retailers to disclose hazardous chemicals in products,
  5. They should find alternatives and remove hazardous chemicals when alternatives are available, effective, and safer.
  6. Communities and Families let Dollar store chains know that they want safer products, and join national and local efforts advocating for nontoxic products.

You can find the complete test results at:

–           HealthyStuff.org and

–           www.nontoxicdollarstores.org

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