9 Easy Stretches to Release Lower Back and Hip Pain


The medical statistic shows that over 26 million American citizens, between the ages of 20 and 64 are suffering from lower back pain at the moment. It is due to the modern lifestyles the people live today, including working on a computer or sitting several hours in a certain position. A whole day sitting can cause tightness and pain in the shoulders, hamstrings and hip flexors,

By doing regular stretches and exercises people can get rid of this tightness and pain quickly.

Here we offer you 9 stretches that are pretty helpful and easy to perform:

1)         Supine Figure

This stretch relieves lower back and hip pain. It stretches your lower back, piriformis, and glutes.


–           Lay down on your back

–           Bending your knees, put your feet on the ground, keeping hip-width apart

–           Bending your left knee, put your left ankle over the other knee

–           Put your hand between your legs, while grabbing the other one behind your right leg

–           Holding your shoulders and head on the ground, slightly draw your right thigh towards you. You should feel the stretch of your hip.

–           After half a minute in that body position, do it with the other leg.

2)         Child’s Pose

This is a famous pose in yoga, very useful for stretching the back and glutes, and opening hips at the same time.


–           Start on all fours just like a baby, with toes together and knees open wide towards the outside

–           Then sit back on the heels

–           Begin walking with the hands towards the outside as much as possible, while the forehead is touching the ground and hands are stretched

–           After touching the ground with the forehead, start walking with the hands even further keeping both arms straight

–           Then relax for about 30 seconds.

3)         Runner’s Lunge

This exercise is effective in stretching abdominal muscles, quadriceps and hip flexors.


–           Begin on all four in a tabletop position

–           Continue stepping with the left foot outside of your left hand, with the toe a little bit further upfront from the knee.

–           Keep the right knee down on the ground and both hands planted inside of the left hand,

–           Then begin pressing with the hips towards the ground

–           After half a minute in that body position, repeat it with the other leg as well.

4)         Figure Twist

This exercise helps in increasing the internal rotation of the hips, stretching the lower back and reducing the hip pain as well.


–           Start by laying down on the back

–           Placing the feet on the ground, bend the knees, keeping the feet hip-width apart

–           Bending the left knee, put the left ankle above the other one right on the thigh

–           Placing the arms on the sides (making a form of cactus) flex the feet

–           Keep the knees slightly falling to the left, and the left ankle over the right thigh,

–           Start twisting the body, feeling the stretch in the right hip

–           Hold this position for half a minute and repeat it on the other side.

5)         Wide-Legged Forward Fold

This stretch is effective for the upper back, hamstrings, lower back, and glutes.


–           Begin standing tall, with the feet wider than the hips and toes, pointed straight

–           Bending slightly the knees, go down with the whole upper body and then bring the hands on the ground

–           Keeping the knees slightly bend, let the head hang freely

–           Let the bodyweight stretch the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings

–           After, at least 30 seconds in that body position, by using support from the hands come back straight

–           Note: – be very gentle in the movements to avoid any injuries.

6)         Adductor Opener

It will help to open up the adductor muscles and the hip flexors as well.


–           Start standing tall with feet wider than hip-width, with the heels in and the toes facing outwards and making a 45-degree angle

–           Going slightly down, make a squat, and put your hands on your thighs right above the knees

–           Adding pressure on the thighs, open up the muscles and make sure the inner thighs are stretched

–           Hold that position for half a minute.

7)         Cow Face Legs

This exercise helps stretch the lower back and outer hips.


–           Begin in the sitting position on the ground

–           Bending one knee, place it on top of the other bent knee and stack them perfectly one over the other.

–           Make sure the sit bones on the butt be both on the ground and pressed

–           Then, straightening the back make sure to take deep breaths

–           Placing the hands on the side and using them as a little support, hold that body position for half a minute.

8)         Happy Baby

With this exercise is possible to open up the lower back and stretch the hip flexors.


–           Laying down on the back, bend the knees slightly and bring them to the chest

–           With the arms try to reach and grab the toes or the ankles, making sure that the lower back is always pressing the ground.

–           Hold that position for 30 seconds and feel the stretches.

9)         Seated Twist

It relieves from pain in the lower back and stretches the glutes and piriformis.


–           Start sitting on the ground, with the knees bent and feet on the ground

–           Taking the right heel close to the left sit bone, cross the other leg over it,

–           Straighten the back place one hand on the ground for support, and the elbow of the other hand on the top knee

–           Then twist the upper body, very gently, taking deep breaths

–           Keep the back straight and the head gaze and tall

–           After about 30 seconds in that body position, do it with the other leg.

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