Study Reveals That A Bad Boss Can Make Employees Sick!


Many times the people are not in the position to choose their job and of course who is going to be their boss. The specificity of the job and working full time can be really difficult for them. It can be a result of the sitting down for most of the day, working crazy shifts, or just not getting enough sleep.

The majority of the people are focused on how their jobs can negatively impact their physical health and usually take measures to improve it, by buying a standing desk or making conscious efforts to break up their working activities. However, many people even don’t think about their mental health, which is equal or even more important in some cases.

It can be the biggest factor in your job that impacts your overall wellbeing, and can be caused by you and your behavior at the job, but mostly because of your boss!

Your Boss Can Be the Biggest Source of Your Stress at Work

The American psychology Association conducted a study about the impact of the boss on the mental health of the employees. The results showed that about 75% of them feel that their boss is the major cause of stress at work. The study also found that, although they felt this way, 59% of them would not leave their job because of this reason.

Even though the majority of the employees are unhappy, they still tend to get used to their work environment. Improving the motivation is very important part of process of improving their situation in the workplace.

The stress at work seems to be a typical problem that people face when in a workplace, which may be so important for their mental health. According to the research conducted at the Harvard Business School and Stanford University, the stress at work can be just as harmful to a person’s health as second-hand smoking!

A stressful and demanding job causes about 50% of employees or more, prone to health problems.

The fear of losing their job is the main source of stress at work. As the boss is often in charge of that, the stress begins to come from them. Even though the work can be hard enough on its own, having an aggressive or angry boss can definitely make things more difficult. This kind of person is emotionally draining and will often create an unmotivated work environment, which completely discourages the employees.

  • 5 Tips on How to Be a Great Boss, How to Motivate Your Employees

Bosses are not only responsible for themselves, but for their teams as well. All team members should be motivated in order to build a positive work environment. This is the formula of success that not only improves productivity but the mental health of the team.

  • Here are 5 tips on how you can do it:
  1. Be a Role Model

The passionate and involved bosses in their work will not only be helping them but also their employees. The boss should show that he/she is excited to be there and also want to enjoy his/her time at work. Be positive and enthusiastic and others are sure to follow!

  1. Reward and Encourage

Giving feedback on the job done improves employees work and encourages them. It is always positive to let them know if they do a good job!

Rewarding workers when they exceed expectations builds confidence and improves motivation for continuing to do well.

  1. Get to Know Your Team

Working as a team is important, but the boss should know each individual person. Many times creating personal goals and the mentoring relationship will improve the expected results. The boss should respect their opinions on the work environment and how they prefer to work.

  1. Promote a Work-Life Balance

The fun initiatives can help in motivating and boosting the mood of the workplace. The boss should allow the employees to take vacation time and they will understand that they have a life outside of the workplace as well.

Some bosses practice “recognition rituals” when the team can come together. Having some fun and celebrating the hard work can contribute to the company.

  1. Be Transparent

Be open to suggestions and ideas by building an open-door policy. The employees should know that their voice matters. Communicating with them will help in informing them to know what’s happening within the company. This helps in building trust and allowing everyone to feel more involved with the company.


A good boss is someone who is approachable and friendly. Employees should respect their boss, having a mutual understanding of each other.

Those who follow these tips and keep a positive attitude in the workplace will succeed to lower the stress in the office and have a great time doing so!



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