A Cooling Weighted Blanket Is Here to Save Hot Sleepers


If you haven’t heard of these blankets already, it will change your life. Once you try it, you cannot sleep without it. Its gentle heft will help you fall asleep and keep you still throughout the night.

Additionally, it will reduce the number of nights you lie in your bed awake with anxiety.

However, these weighted blankets might not be for everyone since its seriously heavy, creating big amounts of heat, which is not ideal for people who get really hot during sleeping.

Luckily, BlanQuil has created the solution to this and it is called The BlanQuil Chill.

The new cooling weighted blanket is created from a special fabric that can absorb the heat of the body and draws off moisture. This blanket is designed for people that get sweaty and really hot during their sleep. 

The experience when you sleep with the cooling weighted blanket should be similar to the one you might have with the first one.

By using either of the blankets, you will fall asleep quickly during the night and you won’t have any troubles like waking up during the night. You will experience pleasant sleep, however, there are big differences between the two blankets. The Chill model has a few benefits, as well as drawbacks such as:

Cool to the feel.

Many people have turned over their pillows on the other side from which they sleep and feel the coolness of it. Well, this blanket has that feeling. The second you are in contact with this blanket you will understand why it is called the Chill.

Does not stay cool throughout the night.

Eventually, the Chill warms up, just as the other side of the pillow. During the first 15-20 minutes, the blanket will stay cool just as you fall asleep. After that, it will start regulating the heat to the body temperature.

It can slide off while you are sleeping.

This is most likely the only drawbacks from sleeping with the Chill blanket. Because of the silky feeling to the blanket, it can be easy for it to slide off of someone who is a restless sleeper.

Some people have experienced this slipping and it happened once during the course of three weeks, which does not mean that it will happen to everyone every night.  The slippage can also be a benefit to people who get really hot during their sleep and don’t want something heavy to be on them all night.

If you wake up during the night and want to remove the blanket, it’s easier to kick it off since it feels lighter than the regular weighted blanket.

Do not worry about spilling drinks.

The Chill blanket has a cover that is removable which you can wash in the washing machine. It can also be dried in the drier.



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