A Crocodile Was Spotted Using a Pool Noodle to Swim Across a Canal in Florida


As a kid, Key Largo resident Victor Perez loved playing with a pool noodle in his family pool in the summer, which was kind of compensation because he couldn’t swim.

Although he still does not know how to swim, he felt quite ok when he could see what was happening in the water from the shore.

One day, as he looked toward the coastal canal behind his house, he noticed a strange sight.

He saw a crocodile using a bright yellow noodle pool crossing the channel at Key Largo. That scene thrilled him and inspired him to take some fun pictures.

“I’m on my balcony and all of a sudden I see this noodle and crocodile hanging on it,” Perez told the Miami Herald.

The first thing that freaks Perez out was where the swimmer, the owner of the pool noodle is, and what happened to him, assuming it was a guy.

No one noticed how exactly the happy crocodile came across the pool noodle, but what was clear was that he was enjoying it without any problems in that situation.

Perez, after the scene he saw, points out that the crocodile looked like every typical Florida tourist.

People in the area are used to crocodiles as they are quite frequent visitors to the coast, but the appearance of one of them with a pool toy is definitely the first time recorded!

Perez told FOX 13: “We see crocs from time to time in our canal but never ever one on a noodle.


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