A Dog, 8 Birds And A Hamster Became Best Friends


If you have a pet, then you know that animals can become your best friends. Animal’s love is the most wonderful and unconditional love you’ll get in your life. There’s nothing that can compare to the love of your pet.

Animals can show compassion and love toward many people and different animals. They do not differentiate between themselves and other animals, thus, they rarely get picky with their friendships. Even if the animal is from another species, they do not care, all the animals care is to make another friend!

The complexity of the animal’s emotions can be clearly seen through their unusual friendships.

These 10 friends consist of a dog, a hamster, and eight birds. This group’s leader is Bob, a golden retriever that’s very patient and calm and will always deal with the annoyingness of his 9 other friends. However, all of them get along very well.

These unlikely friends live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They became viral due to their pictures being posted on Instagram. Recently, this big group of friends got another new addition, another amazing Golden Retriever!

Once Bob’s home, he likes to snuggle and lay with his great gang of friends. However, when he goes out, Bob’s very active and loves to live adventurously.

Along with his birdie companions, Bob often goes to the park and rides on the back of the bike around the city. He goes around the world with his owner, checks out landmarks and visits new places. He sometimes even goes shopping!





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