A Newborn Baby In The UK Tested Positive For Coronavirus


Although it is very rare for a coronavirus to attack the young population, on March 14, a newborn baby is registered in the UK with a positive test for this pandemic. This is the youngest case in the world, and before that, there was a baby in China who was only 30 hours old.

The mother of the baby was first transferred to North Middlesex University Hospital with suspected pneumonia, and later after delivery SAR-CoV-2 (coronavirus) was detected. It is still unclear whether the baby was already infected in the womb or after giving birth in contact with people around.

According to the Guardian, there were two coronavirus positive patients at the same hospital, one of whom was transferred to a specialist center and one was treated in an isolation room.

The hospital’s responsible people point out that the safety of their patients and staff is their top priority, by regularly following the public health guidelines of England, thoroughly cleaning the areas where patients are cared for, and disinfecting staff in close contact with them. They are also taking steps to ensure that others who have been in contact with the patients isolate themselves.

For now, scientists have no evidence that coronavirus can be transmitted in the womb. A recent baby case study published in Frontiers in Pediatrics by researchers in China suggests that infection during pregnancy does not immediately infect a child. The report was confirmed following four pregnant women in Wuhan who were infected with COVID-19 and gave birth to healthy, virus-negative babies. This study does not count as valid because it is not based on solid explanations and evidence but shows that it is not guaranteed that the virus is transmitted within the uterus.

Given previous outbreaks such as SARS and MERS caused by similar viruses, scientists believe that the risk to children is minimal. According to published studies, children have milder infections or show no symptoms at all. For example, as with SARS, no children were reported to have died due to the new coronavirus. Similarly, no case was reported with SARS of a pregnant woman carrying the virus in the womb.

Source: www.theguardian.com

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