A Sister Is More Than Family


If you are a girl and have a bigger sister, then you are blessed. These are the 9 reasons why your sister is the best gift your parents gave you:

  1. They help with your character building

Even though big sisters are a gift, they can be mean sometimes. However, she might turn her back on you to go with her friends or doesn’t play with you whenever you want to play, through those moments you’ll learn a lot and build your character.

  1. The conversations they have with you are real

Whenever you want to talk to someone about something but you don’t want to tell your parents and can’t talk about those situations with your younger siblings or friends, your big sister will be there for you.

  1. Your parents learned from her

Most of the mistakes you’ll be making in your life, your sister has done them before so your parents won’t be so mad towards you since they know what to expect.

  1. You can let off your steam on her

Yelling at your friends for no reason is completely irrational and if you do that they will think twice about hanging out with you. However, doing that to your sister won’t affect her as much. She will forgive you and love you regardless of what happened before.

  1. She will drive you around

Until you get your license, your sister will drive you to wherever you want. Amazing, right?

  1. Great person to replicate

Because she’s been through a lot and experienced many things in high school, work, relationship, and more, it’s ok to copy her. You’ll be great in life.

  1. She will have your back

No matter what happens, your sister will always have your back and you will have hers. However, this can be said about any sibling pair.

  1. She will give you great advice

Whenever you have some kind of problem at school or in a relationship, make sure you consult your sister. She’s been through it all and can always give you good advice. She cares about what choices you make so she won’t purposely make you do the wrong choice.

  1. She will help you learn grown-up things

Grown-up stuff is very weird to learn about from people, however, if it comes from your bigger sister, it will be much easier to manage.

Sources: www.higherperspectives.com

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