A Strong Woman Doesn’t Beg, She Leaves the Moment She Feels Unwanted


Today’s version of female strength means living by a set of rules that many other women would struggle with. Her strength did not lie in working outside the home, inside the home, or by doing some of both. Here are some characteristics that qualify a woman to be strong:

–           She should be someone who has self-esteem

–           Someone who knows the value of relations.

–           She is emotionally stable.

–           Someone who knows the value of herself.

–           She can understand the situation.

–           Someone who knows the correct meaning of feminism.

–           She is usually not very much soft-spoken.

–           Someone who can hide their emotions.

–           She can be a pillar of her husband or family in the worst situation.

–           Someone loyal, faithful, honest, loving, and others.

Her level of emotional maturity needed to function independently. In a healthy relationship, she makes the best for the partner because of their ambitions and ability to make her own choices. However, a strong woman can also feel hurt when the relationship ends.  What makes her different from others is the fact that she’ll say goodbye and never look back. She will leave her partner’s side and never think twice about it. She will, still never escape or give a partner a second chance.

When a partner loves a strong woman, she is fully loyal and may even forgive many mistakes. But, when she felt unwanted, she would exit partner’s life without any doubt.

She will change her attitude from the very beginning of the end. When the partner decides that his relationship is no longer successful and it is time to break up with her, she will react immediately, realizing that he is no good for her too. She will never prolong the ending of the things with him.

Even when she catches her husband on guard, this will not shed her heart and plunge into the confusion of complicated emotions it involves. Of course, she also feels these feelings, but it lasts a short time. She may also be sad and may believe that their relationship was special, but she will not let a single event define her life. Her raising will be very fast and she will proudly and graciously accept their termination without ever looking back.

Also, she can remember the good times with his partner, and may even wonder if things could have been different. However, it will only be a passing moment in a very short time.

What she will never do is beg her partner to stay with her and never expect anything more from him.

Her focus will be on what lies ahead, without paying attention to what came before. She will face new challenges and will not let some bad luck manage her character. Staying strong and conquering the world, even without a partner, will be her new attitude.

The strong woman won’t let this bad experience to change her. She will grow from that experience and become an even better person. This situation will make her a stronger woman, wiser, savvier and more compassionate person.

Everyone who lives with a strong woman should be aware that she will walk away the moment she feels unappreciated. As there’s nothing that can be done, the best choice is to cherish the moments with her and love her because nobody knows how much longer the relationship will last.





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