A Woman is Sewing Masks and Hanging Them on a ‘Giving Tree’ for Anyone to Take


Even though Christmas time is far away, one tree in the community of Lisbon, Iowa, takes everyone’s attention with its ‘decoration’. However, instead of using Christmas ornaments, this tree was decorated with special gifts for people to take.

Deb Siggins, a 55-year-old woman, sew hundreds of face masks and decided to donate them by hanging them up on a tree near her house. These masks are for neighbors, friends, family, and community members to get one if they need it.

Deb’s goal was to make about 100 masks so that she donates them to a hospital. However, some of her friends and family members wanted to get some. After they made their request, her entire project went ballistic. Requests were made “from everywhere to the point where I can’t keep up,” Deb claims.

UnityPoint Health-St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids is the hospital that she wanted to donate the masks too. The hospital asked people to donate sewn masks for the health care of the workers. Shortages of masks have gone to an insane level during the coronavirus outbreak. Siggins was one of the people that was determined to give the hospital a hand.

However, it’s not only Siggins that gives help to the doctors, but lots of small groups across America are coming together to give their aid. Many factories have been reinstated to produce masks and other talented citizens are sewing masks for the doctors. Other people are organizing groups and asking for donations to bring to hospitals or other people in need.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made recommendations for people to wear masks or something that covers their face while going out in public. Unfortunately, with the shortage of mask supplies, it’s hard for regular citizens to find their masks.

Siggins had an idea to help with the shortage and still maintain social-distancing. She decided to hang up the sewn masks on a tree outside of her home. After the masks are all taken from the tree, she quickly restocks them. Siggins claims that the masks vanish within a day from being hung up.

This talented woman also uses her skills to make masks for coworkers, paramedics, firefighters, employees at grocery stores, and elderly patients. She works at a doctor’s office so the elderly patients that go there definitely benefit from her masks.

Sources: edition.cnn.com

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