What Would Happen if You Replace Your Drinks with Water

Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine

Many people compare the drinking water with “taking a shower” on the inside of the body. It is an evidence that the people who drink plenty of water daily improve their physical and mental wellness. Consuming daily recommended amount of water (eight glasses) will properly hydrate your body and energized it for doing its functions without any problem.

Water can be classified as a medicine for numerous health issues and disorders. It is used for stimulating digestion, boosting the immunity, metabolism, and the elimination processes and improving the circulation.

In this article you’ll find several reasons why you should replace your other drinks with water. Here is a list of the benefits:

You lose weight faster

If you drink only water for 9 days, the number of calories that you lose can be equal to those if you are jogging for 8 km a day.

Raising your energy levels, you speed up your metabolism.

Drinking Only 17 fl. Oz water in the morning can increase your metabolism by 1/4.

Your brain works better

The fact that the brain consists 75-85 % water means that it should be always fueled, so by drinking water you are doing it and improve the concentration.

You eat less

By drinking water, you can suppress the appetite, and reduce your weight.

Your body excretes toxins faster

Harmful substances can be washed with water and thus you can also prevent the aging.

Water lowers the risk of many diseases

Some of them are bladder conditions, hypertension, and even bowel cancer.

Your heart works better

By taking 5 glasses of water daily you can lower the risk of heart attack by 42%

Your skin becomes softer and cleaner

Water has the ability to clean and moisten the skin.

You will save a lot of money

Having in mind that the price of water is much lower than that of other drinks, you’ll have a possibility to save your budget.

Because it is so essential for your life, if you don’t drink it enough, it may cause a serious consequence.

Here you can find some warning signs, which your body is showing when it is deficient in water.

1) A headache

The dropping of the pressure in your blood vessels, causes obstructions of your heart to pump enough oxygen to the brain, which usually leads to headaches. That is why one of the first signs when your body is dehydrated is a headache.

2) Fatigue

The lack of water causes a feeling of tiredness and the people are asleep. This is also a sign that your blood pressure is low.

3) Dry skin and lips

Dehydrated body causes dry lips and skin, as well as sweat less. In such a case it will inhibit the elimination of toxins from the body.

4)  Accelerated heartbeat

The deficiency of liquid in your body affects the functions of your heart, leading to the accelerated heartbeat and in some cases can cause severe heart disorders.

5)  Constipation

In order to provide fluids for other critical body functions, the colon is one of the primary areas to draw water from. When our body lacks water, waste moves through the large intestines much slower or sometimes it is not moving at all, resulting in constipation.

6) Joint pain

As the joint cartilage paddings are composed mainly of water, when the body is dehydrated, they are weakening, and joint repair is slow resulting in discomfort and pain.

7)  Weight gain

When the body is dehydrated, cells are depleted of energy, which causes them to rely on. Because of lack of water, people tend to eat more than previously, which is not their real need, as the body is thirsty.

8) Bad Breath

The dehydrated body causes lack of saliva, allowing bacteria to grow in your mouth and causing bad breath.

9)  Dark Urine

The normal color of urine is light to clear yellow, which is achieved by drinking enough liquid. When the body has enough water your kidneys work properly and eliminate all the toxins from the body.

When your urine is dark, your kidneys redirected water back to the body, maintaining the blood pressure and mineral balance. When you notice this sign, you must drink plenty of water.



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