Affordable & Ecofriendly DIY Dome Homes From Aircrete


Although the world is swarming us with news about climate change and newly discovered threats to our health, one of the main universal concerns of this era is still pollution and efficient recycling.

Speaking of, building materials are changing as time goes by and people are creating more eco-friendly materials.First, people were working with foamcrete. Then, later on, they got hooked to papercrete. Afterward, obviously – hempcrete. And right now we’re looking at something even crazier – aircrete.

This is a water-resistant, cheap, fireproof material and the best thing about it is that it’s DIY-friendly. It’s a foamy mix of air bubbles and cement.

The crucial thing needed to make the mix of AIRCRETE(website) is the foaming agent that causes teeny air bubbles in the cement mixture. You’d also need to have an ongoing foam generator that would disperse the foaming agent into the cement mixture so that the process remains constant.

But there are some good news for all the activists and eco-friendly people who care about the environment out there. The foaming agent can be something as conventional as dish soap. It only needs to be high-foaming.

It is easy to work with AirCrete. It’s so simple to use and so quick – it takes only 1 night to dry out. It’s also very flexible and you can make any shape or form with it.

For you to be able to carve the material or drill some holes in it, you’d need just the regular standard wood-working tools. You can absolutely insert screws and nails with ease wherever necessary. Another amazing thing about this material is that it continues to harden as time passes.

This means that you can only become more and more confident about the resistibility and the shape you’ve formed in the beginning, without having to worry if something goes wrong.


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