Aldi Fire Pit That Doubles As a BBQ Will Be Available to Buy Next Week


The time hanging outside has become incredibly scarce because of the situation at hand. People are social distancing (staying away from one another) because of the spread of COVID-19. Because of the pandemic, more and more people are staying in their gardens (if they have them) and are trying to make them more comfortable.

However, the chilly evenings make it hard for people to stay in their garden. Instead, they need to retreat to their four walls where they spend most of their time. To fix this, Aldi came up with a brilliant solution.

Aldi’s popular fire pits and log burners are coming back to the store starting tomorrow. These burners and pits will allow you to stay outside longer, that is, if you have a garden to put them in.

These garden enhancers are of reasonable price. Since it’s Aldi, the reasonable pricing is expected in any product they release. The log burners are priced at £59.99 ($74.28), whereas the fire pits are priced at £49.99 ($61.90).

You can get these two new additions for your garden starting tomorrow (Sunday, 26 April) if you order them online. However, if you want to buy them from the store, you will have to wait until Thursday (30 April). These products are Specialbuys, meaning that if they are sold out, they are not coming back.

Aldi released a description for each of the products. For the log burners, the description reads: “Imagine long evenings with friends around a real log fire. This steel Outdoor Log Burner is the perfect accompaniment as the days cool, offering a stylish and practical way to stay warm. It even has a handy log store so you’ll not run out of fuel!”

Sadly, none of us are going to experience the ‘long evenings with friends’ moment due to social distancing. However, it does mean more family time and what better time to spend with your family than to sit outside near a fire.

You can also use the fire pit as a barbecue so keep that in mind. Additionally, it’s easy to move around so you can put it wherever you want in your patio or garden. If you want to move it the next day, you can. It’s very simple to put together and it also gives it a stone-effect.


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