Aldi Is Selling Bottles Of Margarita Wine With a 13.9 Percent ABV


Margaritas seem somewhat special. Their refreshing, tartness, and tequila flavor makes it the ideal summer cocktail. Aldi started selling bottled margarita with a special twist, and we’re not talking about lime. The supermarket chain is starting to sell margarita wine which I encourage everyone to try!

The Rancho La Gloria Wine Cocktails are bottled drinks with agave wine (same plant as the tequila). Agave wine has a similar taste to tequila, however, it has its distinct flavor and contains less alcohol.

An Instagram profile @aldi.mademedoit saw these bottles in Aldi and there were two flavors. One of them is strawberry margarita whereas the other flavor is the classic. The classic taste, as per the product description, tastes like “lime and lemon-curd meringue with a smooth sorbet finish of candied-orange peel.” All that you have to is pour the bottle over ice and enjoy the freshness.

The cocktail contains no tequila, however, it still has 13.9 percent ABV which is impressive. The Instagram profile was not a fan of the idea that there’s no tequila in the margarita. They asked commentators to share their opinion on the drink and many of them shared their reviews after trying it.

Most reviews were positive, with one person saying that it’s “now my favorite margarita. Very strong. Strawberry is better than the lime.”

Many comments pointed out that the drink is not exclusive only to Aldi. They’ve found the drinks at H-E-B and World Market. They’ve also said that there’s another flavor, mango. The bottles are listed for $12.99 a bottle at Aldi, so if you’re interested, make sure you get it.


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