Aldi to Go Full Organic, Bans Pesticides and Rivals Whole Foods as Healthiest Grocery Store


The German grocery store chain Aldi announced that from January 1st, they will remove 8 pesticides from all products on its U.S. stores shelves.

In recent years, this food chain’s goal is to become a health-focused supermarket with low prices. Because of this, Aldi is gaining customers and good reputations for the food conscious and environmentalist people.

The pesticides being removed are:

  • Fipronil
  • Deltamethrin
  • Sulfoxaflor
  • Imidacloprid
  • Cypermethrin
  • Thiamethoxam
  • Chlorpyrifos
  • Clothianidin

In recent years, Aldi made a name of itself about its strictness towards pesticides and chemicals in their products, removing many of them. They are doing their best to further the challenge for better quality.

  • By removing artificial ingredients from products, they are expanding the brands of organic food that they sell. Additionally, more gluten-free items are being introduced in the store.
  • From their private-label products that make 90% of the sales of the store, they removed synthetic colors, MSG, and partially hydrogenated oils.
  • Organic and fresh meat products have been expanded, especially with the “Never Any!” brand which offers meat with no added hormones, antibiotics, animal by-products or additional additives.
  • Aldi will add the line of SimplyNature which offers products that are free from more than 125 artificial ingredients. They also expand with liveGfree brand that offers gluten-free products.
  • The milk sold in this grocery store is free from artificial growth hormones. However, as of now, its sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, and other dairy products will have no growth hormones.
  • High-end foods are beginning to be sold such as smoked salmon, quinoa, artisan cheeses, and coconut oil.

There were about 1,500 Aldi stores in the U.S. and the plan by 2018 was to open 500 more. Their big focus on health makes them close to becoming the leader in health supermarket. Business Insider made a statement that:

“The grocery chain is expanding organic-food brands, removing some artificial ingredients from its products, and adding more gluten-free items in hopes of attracting more health-conscious shoppers.”

Neonics are one of the newest types of insecticide which are used greatly in the last 20 years. They are used to control a number of pests such as sap-feeding insects, aphids on cereals, and root-feeding grubs.


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