Animals Invade Cities As People Quarantine Themselves At Home


The lockdown has affected many people and their habits. Instead of going out and drinking coffee or walking around parks, they stay at home and watch movies or play video games to stop the spread of COVID-19. Even though walks are usually encouraged by different governments (with a mandatory distance from people), lots of people do not want to leave their homes. Even though humans stay at home, there’s no stopping to nature. Many people have seen amazing and unexpected outcomes from the lockdown and quarantine of people. Countries such as Thailand, Japan, and Italy have seen animals roaming the streets because of the absence of humans. Whether they’re searching for food or just exploring the places, these animals are very intriguing to see.

The deer that are local to Nara Park in Japan were seen walking in groups in the streets to look for food. This park is almost always filled with tourists. The Sika deer that live in Nara Park is a local attraction and tourists buy crackers that are sold at the park to feed the deer. Since the outbreak of the virus, the number of visitors in the park decreased drastically and since the deer are used to humans feeding them, they had no choice but to wander and look for people to feed them or find other food to eat.

Many people have started sharing videos and photos of this phenomenon and people were both awed and shocked by the situation.

Logically, the country with more than 50,000 infected people and a severe lockdown will experience something similar. Different varieties of animals such as wild boars, sheep, and horses started wandering the streets in Italy. These pictures have all been posted on social media by locals to share the experience and phenomenon with others. People that posted these situations were amused even though they’re going through a very hard period with the isolation.

Posted by Sasaluk Rattanachai on Tuesday, March 10, 2020


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