Applebee’s Is Serving HUGE 5$ Halloween Cocktails Including One That’s Part Margarita And Part Daiquiri


The creative cocktails are another traditional thing, besides the Halloween candy that people love during the Halloween season, and every year there is something new in that manner.

This year Applebee’s offers new Halloween cocktails for just $5, which can be some kind of break of whipping up Apple Cider Mimosas and Black Magic Margaritas.

In the video below you can see your favorite type booze Applebee’s served in “Mucho” glasses.

The New Cocktails

  1. Tipsy Zombie

It’s a tropical blue cocktail made with:

  • Bacardi Superior,
  • A float of Midori, and,
  • It’s topped with a gummy brain, much like their previous Zombie drink.
  1. Dracula’s Juice

They call this innovative cocktail part margarita and part daiquiri. It’s a frozen drink made of:

  • Patrón Tequila,
  • Bacardi Superior,
  • Wildberry, and
  • Margarita mix,

This cocktail looks so good and will make you show your teeth.

Whichever of the two cocktails you take you can enjoy perfectly during your next movie marathon.

But before you start preparing for the holidays, pay attention to what is happening in the world now, take measures to protect against the COVID 19 pandemic, for which we provide you with a guide from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

The CDC Guidance for the Holidays, Including Halloween Due to the Pandemic

The CDC discourages door-to-door trick-or-treating and costume masks and parties this year due to the pandemic.

They recommend several safer, alternative ways to participate in Halloween, listed at new guidance.

Here are some Low-risk Halloween Activities:

  • Performing a scavenger hunt for Halloween where children get lists of Halloween-themed things to look for outside but that this is done at a distance.
  • Organizing a Halloween movie night with people the children live with is unfamiliar.

Moderate risk events:

  • Using costume masks that are made of two or more layers of breathable fabric that covers the mouth and nose and doesn’t leave gaps
  • An open-air, one-way, walkthrough (a) haunted forest whit an appropriate mask and keeping a social distance.
  • Screaming whit greater distancing
  • In this category, pumpkin patches or orchard visits and outdoor Halloween movie night with local family friends are OK.

Higher risk activities

The higher risk activities should be avoided, such as:

  • Door-to-door trick-or-treating,
  • Crowded, indoor costume parties,
  • Visiting indoor haunted houses or
  • Going on hayrides or tractors rides with strangers.

Health officials suggest playing music in your home, making traditional family recipes for family and neighbors, and delivering them in a non-contact manner, making and decorating masks, setting out pillows and blankets in your home, and joining virtual celebrations as the lowest risk way to celebrate Day of the Dead.

We also recognize 10 best recipes for 10 Halloween Drinks:

Video (Applebee’s served in “Mucho” glasses) : –


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