Are Long, Fake Toenails This Summer’s Hottest Trend?


So, apparently, long fake toenails are in this summer. Yes, you read that correctly. This horrific trend from 2019 seems to be could be making a comeback. And we honestly can’t see why. Just like many fads over the years, some things belong in the past, never to resurface!

Fake toenails are in

Long acrylic fingernails have been around for a long time. Having beautiful. manicured and long nails on your hands is pretty normal. But now it seems that toes are getting the attention and the acrylic! One would think that having long fake toenails would be more of a bother and eyesore to most people. Well, apparently not.

Long, Fake Toenails painted white

Other than looking awful, there are actually risks one should be aware of. That’s if you are actually planning on getting some toenail extensions yourself. Acrylic extensions are meant for fingernails. Toenails have a bend and flex. Fake toenails, however, do not. What does this mean, exactly? Because of their hard rigidness, they mimic an ingrown nail which can potentially lead to foot infection! Of course, as with all acrylic nail extensions, your actual nail’s hard protective layer is first filed off to create a grip-able surface for the acrylic to stick to. This is only going to increase your risk of a fungal infection! If you still plan to get your toes covered in the stuff and get fake toenails, make sure you revisit your salon every two weeks to make sure nothing funky is going on there.

Other awful nail trends

While we are on the subject of fake toenails and nail extensions in general, we thought we’d show you a couple more horrific nail trends that have surfaced at one time or another!

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