Are You Able To Recognize These Gadgets? Have You Ever Used Some of These?


Technology and the everlasting growth of gadgets have been so profound over the years. Just take some time and really think about it.

Somewhere around 20 years ago, did you think we were going to bring cars into space? It’s highly likely that you didn’t even expect that that can be done back then. Most certainly, we have exceeded what anyone might have expected those days. It’s quite a lot to wrap your head around when you think of all the achievements humanity is doing annually, let alone in two decades.

Things were tougher back then without the technological invention of this century.

For starters, if you decided you wanted to listen to music, anytime, anywhere, for free, there were no streaming devices to listen to free music-only radios and pirated CDs or tapes.

There was no Internet as we know it, and there was definitely nowhere near the amount of material that we readily have available at our fingertips today.

This implies, of course, that many old inventions have become obsolete, because younger generations have absolutely no clue what many of the traditional instruments used by older generations are.

While it is always nice and encouraged to step forward in time, and we should be absolutely grateful for the technological advances this world has provided for us, sometimes it’s nice to just let the nostalgia wash over you as you think back to simpler times.

Some people still use needle threaders to this day, but those coin-shaped items with diamond-shaped thin wire were quite the common tool back in the day.

Needle Threader

Take this tin-like, coin-looking object with a diamond-shaped wire on the end, for instance.

You know what it is?

It is an object specifically made for sewing purposes to conveniently insert the thread into the tiny little needle eye, and it’s called a needle threader.

Tailor’s Chalk

Tailor’s chalk is another object most people wouldn’t know. However, if you knew what a needle threader was, you probably know the artifacts shown below (although most people would probably mistake them for guitar picks).

Record Adapters

These are record adapters that are used to allow records to fit comfortably on record players of various sizes.

Since today not that many individuals listen to records, few people know about them.

Church Keys

They were used back in the day when there were still no pull tabs on cans and twist-off bottle caps and they were used to open certain containers so that people could actually take sips of their drinks.


All right, I’ll confess, I didn’t know what this was until now. This portable tic tac toe gaming apparatus was designed by Parker Brothers. Not to mention that NASA built it!

Overhead Projector

Schools have used this odd-looking, bulky gadget to offer the teacher a visual aid. Everybody could see what was being taught, matched up with special plastic sheets. The ones among us that were born in the 80s or 90s should be well aware of these bad boys.

Etch A Sketch

This one is for the 80’s kids. This was like a pass-time activity since there were no iPads back then. Perfect for those long car rides!

Bead Hair Bands

Every girl was wearing these little baubles on their heads, back when these hairbands were a trend! The problem was these hurt freakishly a lot. It’s beyond me why someone felt this was a smart idea to tie up someone’s hair!


Huh? iPod? What is this? You were one of the cool kids if you owned one of these bad boys, since not that many people did when the first got introduced. This was practically the first portable computer on the go that had the capability to play your cassette tapes. It came with a pair of spongy headphones, and that’s practically all you needed for full enjoyment!

Corn-on-the-Cob Holders

Currently, I have a few of these still, believe it or not! They are actually so helpful and they make the process of picking the corn up so much simpler. They also look like tiny corn ears, too!



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