Artist Creates Harry Potter Face Masks That Reveals The Marauder’s Map As You Breathe


Pandemic eras are typically associated with wearing face masks. The tiny and hidden viral enemy is one of the scariest things that we’ve experienced for a while. At the moment, you can see people all across the world wearing masks, scarfs, and even t-shirts to cover their mouths and noses.

Wearing a mask in public a few months ago would probably turn a bunch of heads towards your direction, especially in countries that are not used to them. However, with the pandemic at hand, this behavior has been the norm for countries where measures of the lockdown have been loosened. Citizens walk around covering their faces in public, especially in closed buildings, to protect themselves from the COVID-19 virus.

Different types of masks exist such as surgical and medical masks or homemade varieties which people use.

Masks and Protective Equipment

PPE or Personal Protective Equipment is a set of gloves, gowns, respirator masks, goggles, and face shields that are used in labs or healthcare settings. The reason why medical personnel wears the PPE is to block any viruses or bacteria that they might be in contact with. The PPE gear blocks all kinds of infections from bodily fluids.


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An N95 respirator/mask is meant to protect from airborne particles. It’s a respiratory protective gear with an efficient filtration system. The reason for its name is that it can block at least 95% of tiny test particles (0.3 microns). If the mask is fitted properly, the filtration capabilities can surpass those of face masks.


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Compared to N95 masks, surgical masks are disposable and loose-fitting barriers that can protect the nose and mouth of the wearer with potential contaminants. These masks are commonly known as face masks. However, not all face masks come in the category of surgical masks. These masks are crucial for blocking splashes, sprays, splatters, or large droplets that contain bacteria and viruses. There are varieties of thickness for surgical masks that are meant to protect you from contact with liquids.

Custom Made Masks

With the pandemic at hand, the custom masks have become a large hit. Many people are either sewing, knitting, or creating varieties of designs for masks that people can wear. The Centers for Disease Control recommended for everyone to cover their mouth and nose when walking in public spaces where it’s hard to maintain a safe distance. This is why people are obsessed with buying or getting any kind of masks to protect themselves.

Because of this obsession, masks have become very sacred since they’re easily sold out from pharmacies. Many people took it upon themselves to create masks for others and either sell them or donate them towards hospitals or to people that need them.

Harry Potter Mask 

One amazing artist from America made a very interesting design of a mask that I think a lot of people will try to get for themselves. Stefanie Hook from Colorado released a TikTok video sharing a magical mask which by breathing into it, it turned from back to the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter. Harry Potter fans around the world adored the design of the mask and since the release, it became viral.


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For those of you who don’t know, the Marauder’s Map is a magical document which showed the entire school in Harry Potter, Hogwarts. It revealed every hallway, classroom, as well as all of the secret passages that are hidden in the walls of the castle. It even showed the location of every person in the school which was portrayed by footsteps.


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Hook has her own company called CPEX (Colorado Pony Express) where she sells her homemade creations online. The online store sells cosplay, art, quilts, and lots of sewn stuffed animals which she makes. With this ‘magical mask’, she hopes to bring magic in real life and hopes to see other people’s creativity.

When putting the mask on, the actual material is black. However, as you slowly exhale your breath into the mask, it will slowly transform into the Marauder’s Map. This mechanic is somewhat similar to the Rorschach Mask from The Watchmen in a way that once he exhaled, the black dots on his mask would move in a liquid way.


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The entire motivation behind making the hand-sewn products is “to bring imagination to life in the creation of my products, ensuring that they are not one-dimensional items.”

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The masks that Hook makes are not of medical grade. However, she claims that she was following the CDC’s guidelines. Her masks do not replace the PPE such as surgical masks or N95.

Before finishing off a product, she creates a prototype of the items and shares them on TikTok. This was the case with the Harry Potter mask that she shared on the social media site. She did not expect just how viral the mask would get.

To create one mask, it takes Hook hours 17 hours to finish. However, most of those 17 hours “is waiting for the treatment to set into the fabric.” She has perfected making more than one mask at the same time.

These masks will be sold in a limited quantity on her website starting from 29 May. If you are a Harry Potter fan then I’m sure you’ll be wanting this mask. Mark the date on your calendar or set a reminder so you won’t forget!


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