Artist Draws Her Life And Struggles of Being a Tall Girl in 30 Hilarious Comics


Being a graphics designer and illustrator takes a lot of inspiration and creativity to do. This woman started her blog called ‘Tall N Curly’ which she dedicated to her talent as an illustrator and designer. She started the blog in 2012 and the main idea of the page is to tell her story as a tall girl with curly hair using illustrations and comics. She always wanted to make a space in her life for something that has nothing to do with her work and that’s unique.

She achieved this idea of hers and so much more. By telling her story, she helped tell the story of other women in the world that look similar to her. The blog was able to help out other women and show them that it’s completely normal to be different from other people and to accept yourself and have a little fun.

After she launched her blog, this talented woman started chatting with other wonderful women that shared personal stories with her. She was able to get inspired by them and discuss many different topics using her illustrations.

Here are 30 of the illustrations that show up on her blog:

  1. Watching a movie with a taller girlfriend.

  1. The denial of short guys.

  1. Going outside with your 6’3’’ cousin.

  1. The perfect answer to a stereotypical question.

  1. Whatever you say to me, I can say it back.

  1. Tall girls shopping problems.

  1. Hey! Say something obvious about my height!

  1. Discovering a celebrity that’s either my height or longer.

  1. Emphasizing facts is not always the perfect thing to say.

  1. Longer, not larger.

  1. Don’t put my clothes in the dryer!

  1. Tall people need to boycott airlines.

  1. Sometimes these questions need to be asked to avoid fatal mistakes.

  1. Most of the time, the standard house design does not fit tall people.

  1. No matter what examples your parents tell you, you must eat your vegetables.

  1. The biggest reason why fridges need to be wider, not longer.

  1. Longer does not always mean bigger.

  1. Cooking at my friend’s kitchen at a 90-degree angle.

  1. Tall people can’t be…

  1. They also can’t be…

  1. When you’re into the movie but still feel bad about people behind.

  1. When you spoon with a shorter partner.

  1. Who’s speaking to me? Oh, it’s you down there…

  1. Short women always go for tall guys.

  1. Another thing that tall people absolutely can’t do.

  1. Chinese Jump Rope for tall people.

  1. Just mind your own business like I’m minding mine.

  1. The moment when the mirror is too low that you can only see your neck.

  1. Uneven Sidewalks.

  1. There are some perks of being tall.


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