Artist Turns Nuts, Bolts, and Scrap Metal Into Life-Size Animal Sculptures


Using scrap metal from old car parts and unused cutlery, Brian Mock created incredible outdoor sculptures. Typically, most of the scrap metal that we have we throw away at the dump. This Oregon-based artist found a way to use them and the product is amazing. By collecting discarded materials like bolts, nuts, and screws, he was able to assemble them into animal and human forms.

By exploring numerous early-age artists, Mock saw the upcycling art in the 1990s and loved it. As a self-thought welder, he created his visual ideas into metal sculptures, creating an entire zoo of metallic animals. Using 100% reclaimed materials, Mock sculpted cats, dogs, and larger-than-life lions. He carefully chooses the forms of scrap metal and fits the forms into his projects.

What’s incredible is that he gave old everyday objects that were thrown away life using his artistic ability. All of the sculptures look realistic as well.

Upcycling Discarded Items

Many people confuse upcycling items with recycling. The difference between the two is recycling involves a physical transformation such as re-forming, melting, or purification of old items whereas upcycling is another word for re-using.

Creating art with upcycled items can be incredible. Take for example the Fennell’s bus shelter. The shelter is created out of a discarded school bus which would have probably ended up in the ocean eventually. Instead, now the bus can shelter homeless people that have nowhere to go to the winter.

Instead of throwing old and unusable/unrecyclable items in the bin, why not repurpose them for something else? Old glassware and tires can be used as fancy pots to plant flowers. Plastic bottles can be used as holders for pots to keep the plant warm. Wherever your creativity takes you, go for it! It’s much better than throwing these items away which will end up in our precious oceans.


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