Attention parents: Use pineapple juice to fight unwanted mucus and coughing instead of conventional cough syrup

Pineapple Juice Can Fight Unwanted Mucus and Cough Much Better Than Any Medication

Coughing is a common condition, especially during the winter season, which occurs as a reflex action that clears the throat of foreign irritants or mucus.

A cough can last for less than three weeks, which is classified as an acute cough, while if it lasts between 3 and 8 weeks, improving by the end of that period, it is a subacute cough. When the coughing is persistent and lasts more than eight weeks it is a chronic cough.

In the case of coughing up blood or have a “barking” a cough, you have to see your doctor.
What causes a cough?

– Clearing the throat

– Viruses and bacteria

– Smoking

– Asthma

– Medicines

– Other conditions

· Postnasal drip

· Damage to the vocal cords

· Bacterial infections (pneumonia, croup, and whooping cough)

· Some serious conditions (pulmonary embolism and heart failure)

How is a cough treated?

– Medical care – prescribed medications (syrup etc.)

– Self-treatment – as a result of a virus, the cough can’t be treated with antibiotics, so should be soothed – treated in different natural ways.

By treating cough on a natural way, for instance practicing the food-medicine, you could improve your immune system, instead of making you irritable, groggy and unable to quickly recover from sickness if you use prescribed medications.

Maybe this method is not on the top of the list of your doctor for the recovery, but it’s still a timeless way to reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and dispel mucus and cough.

The proven enzyme that helps in such situation is called bromelain, which is found in the pineapples. It has soothing properties, which in case of a cough are five times faster than cough syrup.

Improving digestion, bromelain helps the body to utilize nutrients in the pineapple and in other foods. When the inflammation in the body is reduced because of the pineapple juice, it allows easier expelling the mucus.

Additionally, pineapple juice can be used as part of a holistic strategy to stop sickness in its tracks, to prevent a worsening infection, and further respiratory problems. It is able to keep your family away from prescriptions and out of the hospital.

According to many studies, it is confirmed as a remedy for coughing, but the best results it gives mixed with raw honey, cayenne pepper, and salt. This mixture effectively dissolves mucus in the lungs of patients, even in those with tuberculosis.

Prescription pill can make a cough persist for weeks

Numerous studies and real stories confirm that a prescription pill, used to stop a cough, actually doesn’t work, so the people use many other alternatives. It is the case with cough syrups, too as they are hardly effective at all, as they are making people irritable and sleepy.

For that reason, over time, the people began including various herbs, berries, roots, flowers, fruits, seeds and nuts in their lifestyle to restore their bodies and to improve their immunity.

Here, we offer you one of the best natural remedies – a medicinal pineapple lemonade, which is a powerful tonic.

This juice is not only tasty, but it also serves as a blast of nutrition that can serve many practical healing purposes. It is strongly recommended in case of any signs of a cough developing, in order to halt the sickness before it takes hold.

The recipe includes the following:

– About the size of a thumb of fresh ginger root,

– 1 whole pineapple

– 8 whole lemons

– 5 T of raw honey

– 4 cups of filtered water

– 1 tsp stevia extract


1) Run the lemons, ginger, and pineapple in the juicer

2) Place the fresh juice, raw honey, purified water, stevia, and ice to a blender and blend them well

3) Drink as much as you like!

Note: Be prepared for a rush of real, sustained energy!

Medicinal pineapple lemonade is:

– A must for anyone who feels a cough coming

– It’s a great hydrating beverage that is full of vitamin C,

– It’s full of prebiotics and anti-inflammatory enzymes like bromelain that halt bacterial and viral infections in their tracks and eliminate the mucus.




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