Baby Elephant Rolls on the Floor While His Brother Tickles His Belly in this Cute Video


We’re about to give you one big reason to smile while you go on about your day! Below you can see some wonderfully happy images of some of the most adorable creatures on Earth.This is an incredibly unique moment captured on camera.

The older elephant, which seems to be the older brother of the baby elephant is tickling the little guy with his trunk. The photographer responsible for these wildlife photos is Anne Robertson. She had the whole thing captured on tape too.

Young elephants are playful beings. You can easily see a baby elephant doing some strange things, like, for example, putting their trunks into older relatives’ mouths. Also, it wouldn’t be weird to see them trying to pick stuff up and eat other elephants’ dung. Dogs do this too, especially when they are young, as well as many other species.




A lot of this may seem strange now, but there is a valid reason for all of this. Baby elephants need to learn how to be independent on their own. That’s why they’re doing all these things. Also, communication is key in their learning process.



Last month, at Addo Elephant Park,   photographer saw these playful animals jumping over each other and went to take a closer look. As he was really playful and running around having fun, the baby elephant caught her attention.

Elephants – especially baby elephants – are amazingly wonderful creatures. It’s always a pleasure to see them and enjoy their company. They are enjoyable, interactive, and amazingly stunning. These particularly intelligent creatures are always going to remain close to our hearts.

You can take a look below:


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