Baby Girl With Down Syndrome Adopted By Single Dad After She Was Rejected By 20 Families


Many people are not concerned if the child is their blood. All they want is to have kids and care for them by raising them properly. The love for a child is the strongest one in the world and cannot be compared to anything else.

But many children with special needs don’t have the luck to be adopted. This child was rejected by 20 families when she was only 13 weeks old. All the families noticed her disability, instead of focusing on her different appearance or her charm. Because they didn’t choose her to be a part of their family, they missed the chance to find her inner beauty and how lovable she truly is. They probably didn’t want to accept her for who she is.

Many homosexual men will never stand a chance the custody of a child. But Luca Trapanese has the luck to feel child love. Social services agreed on giving Alba to Luca and therefore giving her a happy and safe home. Alba was adopted in 2017, when she was only a couple of weeks old. Luca was finally a happy dad of a child with special needs.

Children with such disabilities have their abilities. Children with Down Syndrome spread pure love, and are unique and beautiful in their own way. Every child deserves love, care, and affection despite their condition.

Kids born with this syndrome are very loveable, affectionate and honest. All they need is acceptance, encouragement, and someone to tell them they are being loved. They certainly know how to return the love that is being given to them.

According to BBC, Luca was inspired by Alba and wrote a book in which he described his journey and dedication to becoming a great adoptive father.

He inspired the world by breaking the barrier and stereotypes of being a single parent of a child with Down Syndrome. Single people and homosexuals find it hard to adopt a child in many conservative countries. But the stereotypes didn’t stop Luca from adopting Alba. Actually, he broke the stereotypes around family, sexuality, and fatherhood.


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