Baby With Down Syndrome Is Loved By Millions After Showing Adoptive Mom Her ‘New Smile’


Baby Girl with Down Syndrome

The universal language of happiness and kindness is no other than a smile. It has a power like nothing else in the world.

The hearts of millions of people around the world were melted by an adorable baby girl who has Down syndrome. While her adoptive mother was filming, she caught the little girl smiling, and it was the best moment to catch!

The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network saw the cute video and captioned it “New smiles are the best smiles”. As it went viral, the video garnered over 21 million views and more than 311K people reacted. The video even has over 36K comments!

During the time the adorable video was filmed, “Baby H” was only eight months old. At the time, her adoptive parents were preparing for the procedure.

As the baby was lying on a blanket, the mother asked her how her day was going. The mother figured out that the baby will make the smile on cue, making the most perfect video of all time. She hopes that more people will see the beauty of babies with Down Syndrome and ignore the scary things of the diagnosis.

Down Syndrome

People that are diagnosed with Down Syndrome are born with it. As babies, these people have an extra chromosome or an extra package of genes in the body. These chromosomes determine the way the baby’s body forms while the mother is pregnant. It also determines the functioning of the baby’s body as it grows in the womb and after birth.

Normal babies are born with 46 chromosomes while babies with down syndrome are born with an extra copy of chromosome 21. The extra chromosome makes changes in the development of the baby’s brain and body, causing physical and mental challenges for the baby.

New Smile!

New smiles are the best smiles! #babygirl
#smilingsweetie #Downsyndrome #Downsyndromeadoption #spreadingjoy

Posted by National Down Syndrome Adoption Network on Monday, October 7, 2019


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